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I deleted Tik Tok, the communist Chinese spy app, and you should too

I finally did it. I deleted Tik Tok from my phone and anyone with half a brain should do it too. There are about a million reasons to do this, but let’s go over a few.

If you are conservative, it’s a slam dunk issue. The app has been identified by the U.S. government as spyware that steals your information, and reports are that the Chinese communist government stores all of this data from everyone in order to use it against them in the future. Why are we helping the commie government collect information on us?

If you’re liberal, it’s also a slam dunk issue. Of ALL of the racist accusations that the left loves to make against America in our past, most if not all of that crap is going on in China RIGHT NOW. Concentration camps, oppression of religious minorities, racial discrimination, just pick one, and the commies in China are gleefully committing it.

Here are some more reasons to delete the Chinese commie app:

  • China literally gave the world coronavirus and lied about it, allowing it to spread and kill more people
  • China is literally taking away the political freedom and liberty of all of the residents of Hong Kong.
  • China is literally spying on all of its citizens in order to oppress them and maintain despotic political control.
  • China is literally HARVESTING ORGANS from their detainees, this is not a conspiracy theory.
  • China literally banned Winnie the Pooh because the commie Chinese leader Xi Jinping is angry that dissidents use the cartoon as a meme to make fun of him.
  • China has been buying off U.S. colleges and universities for decades in order to defend their political power.
  • China has been slowly expanding its territorial claims in the South China Sea and scaring the crap out of all its neighbors, who think military intervention is coming quick.

And really, when it comes down to it, what are we losing? Can’t we find funny videos on other apps with just a tiny bit of effort? Yes we can!

So delete that damnable app, for ‘Merica, and to stop helping the evil Chinese communist regime. U-S-A!!!