Zazzle shut down my account and stole my money because my designs were too edgy

Well it happened. I got a notice from Zazzle that they had shut down my account after 3 strikes on my designs for sale on their website. I absolutely agree with the company’s right to do that. But, they also took all of my revenue from shirts and other items that I had sold on their website for years.

And that’s BS.

In addition to that, they didn’t give me a chance to download my image files, some of which were designs that I put a lot of work into and are now gone completely.

I’m not gonna cry that my constitutional right to free speech has been crushed. It hasn’t. As you can well see by you reading this message from me right now. I just want my damn money, Zazzle.

So if you would like to *politely* tell them they done me wrong, feel free. They are on Twitter.

Here’s some of the stuff they took down previously, but still kept my account so that they could take my money:

Even my Muslim Hello Kitty shirt!!

C’mon man, Muslim Kitty was so cute. Jerks.

Now I *could* have posted all these screenshots of anti-Trump stuff and claimed that they cut my account because of political bias. And that might have had some small part in it. BUT I need to be honest – my designs were made to be a little edgy. So I understand that they have a right not to have my stuff on their website.

In the meantime, if anyone knows a better service with somewhat low standards for appropriate speech, let me know. I never got a shirt with my own Thomas Sowell design!! Terrible.