Will Andrew Cuomo’s book on New York’s coronavirus response mention how wrong he was on ventilators?

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is writing a book in order to document New York’s response to the coronavirus. The most glaring issue that he needs to address is how he ordered nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients, possibly killing tens of thousands. BUT… I think this issue is getting buried too – do you remember the hysteria over New York’s lack of ventilators?

You probably don’t because it all vanished when it became clear that New York’s problem had nothing to do with ventilators. Weird huh?

And they hammered Trump over it:

Uh, people died in New York City and it had nothing to do with ventilators or Trump. Now, don’t take this to mean that Trump did everything perfectly. He didn’t. But the people who attack him participated in this attack on the presidency that ended up being nothing at all.

So will this make it to the book or no? I’m thinking no. Even far left liberals think it’s insane for him to be writing this book right now:

Finally, this is the funniest response to the news of his book:

If you didn’t watch Tiger King on Netflix you won’t get it. Sorry.