QAnon cultists jump on the Hunter Biden laptop after undead JFK Jr. misses his date with history

You may not have noticed it but a massive hope of the Q-Anon cult imploded on the seventeenth of October. For only the craziest and absurd of reasons, some cultists actually believed that JFK Jr. would come back from the dead and join Donald Trump’s presidential ticket on that day:

So sad: Nothing happened. In fact there wasn’t even a rally in Dallas, as they were predicting.

This is of course, after the “Red October” prediction failed previously. In that one, the cultists believed that Attorney General Barr was going to round up all the satanic pedophile Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and send them all to prison. That was also a bust.

AND ALSO after the Durham Report isn’t going to be released before the election – they were all betting that it would have all of the evidence to lock up all the satanists and let Trump waltz into the White House for another four terms. That didn’t work out either.

NOW they’re putting all their hopes into the Hunter Biden laptop. 

Here’s a weird sequence of tweets. Look at what former NeverTrumper candidate Evan McMullin says about Russian plans to spread disinformation about pedophilia among the Bidens:


That was on the eighteenth, a Sunday.

These pretty insane accusations came out soon after:

Just hours later.

So forward to today, on Tuesday. Rudy Giuliani is making very serious accusations about what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop:

He says there are pictures of underage girls on the laptop and that he’s turning it over to the Delaware State Police.

Now note – hours before this came out, the DOJ and the FBI confirmed to some news outlets that the Hunter Biden laptop and the emails are NOT a part of a Russian disinformation campaign. What a great coincidence for all involved!

So, we can trust the FBI when they tell us something we like, but otherwise, the FBI has been hiding the laptop, and they are a part of the big conspiracy against Trump. Makes sense.

Now the QAnon nuts are going crazy over it:

So is Guiliani being bamboozled by a Russian disinformation campaign? Or will we wake up to Delaware police arresting Hunter Biden for pedophilia? I mean, third times the charm for QAnon theories. Or maybe thirtieth time’s the charm.

Check out this pretty decent documentary on the conspiracy theory: