Even AOC’s commie former chief of staff thinks Democrats’ lockdowns are going too far!

I knew when I saw this that the lockdowns were going too far. Here’s the former chief of staff for commie comrade Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, himself a commie, saying that the lockdowns in San Francisco are too much, and they don’t make any sense:

I mean, if this dude is questioning whether the draconian measures being taken make any sense, you really have to wonder how many other reasonable Democrats are beginning to doubt the “science” behind some of these lockdowns.

He continued on:

Now let me refresh your memory. This is the same guy that helped create Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, and admitted that it had nothing to do with climate but was about how the Democrats could seize control of the economy!! Yes, he said that! Which is partly why he was canned from his job, because you can’t be telling truths on a Democrat lawmaker’s staff, that’s the first and only rule of liberal politics!

In fact, the lawmakers down in Los Angeles admitted that they didn’t know what data supports their lockdown in Los Angeles.

Now look, I believe the coronavirus is real, and it should be taken seriously. But I also think that some politicians are really erring on the side of extreme lockdowns when more surgical policies might do much better with far less economic destruction. I think this shows that a lot of people on the left are coming to that conclusion too…