Dem demand that Kamala’s seat be filled by black person is abjectly hypocritical to representation

So Democrats are now making demands on California Gov. Gavin Newsom about who he should pick to fill the U.S. Senate seat after Kamala Harris goes to the White House as VP. Here’s one of the stupider, more hypocritical arguments floating out there, from Rep. Karen Bass of California:

This dimwit says that Newsom should pick a black person to replace Harris because we just need an African-American woman in the U.S. Senate.

What the @#%% is this pendeja talking about?!??


The point of the U.S. Senate is for each senator to represent the people of that state in the federal government. The point of the U.S. Senate is NOT to fulfill whatever racial debt the Democrats think they owe to any one national demographic.

And think about how insanely hypocritical this is to their supposed dedication to minority representation.

In California, Blacks make up less than 7% of the population, while whites make up a whopping 72% of the population, and Hispanics make up nearly 40% of the population [according to the U.S. Census site]. As an aside, those numbers exceed 100% when added up because many Hispanics consider themselves white, since that is a race and “Hispanic” is an ethnic category.

Anyway my point is this – if they truly believed in demographic representation then the next U.S. Senator from California should be either white, or Hispanic. For them to demand that the senator be black because the party “owes” it to black people voting for Biden is completely absurd.

Of course, the real reason Bass is pushing this idiotic narrative is that she wants to be that replacement.

Some other stuff…

I notice that John King didn’t bring up ANY of this. He fully accepts the premise that Karen Bass is pitching because either he has no clue what the point of the Senate is, or he just goes along with whatever Democrats say because that’s the default position on CNN.

BUT, I have noticed that a lot of Black Democrats have been talking about this notion that Democrats “owe” something to blacks because of the election. I guess all those Hispanic votes are meaningless, or the white bloc of Democratic votes, or any other demographic.

I think this might be in response to reports that Trump made inroads into the Hispanic and black votes in some areas. This stunned Democrats and made them recoil from “defund the police” and other extreme positions. This is how black Democrats are trying to regain their footing and establish more control over the future of the Democratic party…