SooperPodcast Christmas Flashback: Matt Dawson reacts to Sooper singing the Mamacita Christmas song!

I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to record this week because everyone is so busy, but in case we can’t, here’s a short flashback to tide you over.

From the wonderful SooperPodcast #230 [which is no longer available anywhere, by the way] way back in Christmas of 2016, we have Matt Dawson reacting to el Sooper singing “Mamacita Donde Esta Santa Claus?” song, the Mexican classic.


Wow. That’s uh… very speshal.

Even more amazingly, in a later Christmas podcast, I played the SAME SONG for Matt, and  HE DIDN’T REMEMBER IT THEN EITHER. Amazing. It’s like I’m the only person on the podcast with a memory. Also Matt doesn’t go on the podcast anymore.

But Jess does, and we can never forget this Christmas classic from the toe-smasher either:

Ugh. Why do people listen to this smut. Merry Christmas!!!