I’m deleting hundreds of videos from my YouTube channel, which has 14 million views

So, times are changing and I have to change with them. It’s been a rough few years, and I feel like I want to get back to making comedic conservative videos on YouTube.

Here’s the problem:

My channel has been demonetized for years now, and I was just letting it ride because I didn’t want to delete all those videos I uploaded of liberals doing dumb things for us to point at and laugh.

However, the time has come. So I’m reapplying for monetization and deleting all those videos I uploaded for posts that were written up at The Right Scoop, when I wrote there. Which I no longer do.

So anyway, if anyone has any tips on how I can regain monetization, let me know. Can I just make all those videos private, or do I have to delete them forever? And what kind of content do you all want to see? I’m honestly kinda sick of the dumb loud ranting that many of us on the right are doing. It’s boring. I want to make stuff that is funny, but is substantive, not just screaming how dumb liberals are. But don’t worry, I’ll do some of that too….

Thanks for your support all these years.