Sidney Powell statement to court says that only morons believed her ‘Kraken’ BS about the election!

This *should* be a nail in the coffin of the embarrassingly stupid conspiracy theory that the corpse of Hugo Chavez hacked our election, but sadly, it won’t even register a blip.

Sidney Powell, the lawyer who defended Mike Flynn and bellowed out that she had all the evidence that Venezuela helped steal the election away from Trump, has responded in a filing that it was all so stupid only a moron could believe it:

Here’s what her filing says:

Here’s her defense, which I don’t think is much of a defense against defamation:


This is after Dominion sued her for $1.3 BILLION. ALL of the idiots who loved her said “wow awesome now she’ll hit them in discovery and get all the evidence!” NOPE. Instead, she wants to dismiss the lawsuit because only a complete idiot could believe the crap she spewed.

Here’s some idiot interviewing Powell about how discovery is how she will defeat the Kraken!!

“Yes, I can’t wait to take the deposition of Eric Coomer and other Dominion executives!” said the chief idiot. “I can’t wait to get at it!”

She literally says the lawsuit won’t take that long because “the discovery is going to be devastating.”

Remember how they were calling for MARTIAL LAW based on this idiotic conspiracy theory? I guess it was believable back then, right?

This is just pathetic. Trump and his campaign amplified her and her idiotic claims because they wanted to keep up the fantasy that he won “in a landslide,” and gullible idiots were all too eager to swallow the BS and regurgitate it on social media.

But don’t worry, scumbags are still willing to lie to the gullible and the gullible are still willing to eagerly eat their BS:

Pathetic. That’s the only word for it.