Trump supporters tweet about how they got tricked into recurring donations to the campaign

A few days ago the New York Times had a pretty damning article about how the Trump campaign had automatically enlisted donors into giving multiple donations when they intended to only give one time. Predictably, people who love Trump said it was all LIES and people who hate Trump believed every word as Gospel truth.

I wondered if any of these people might have taken to Twitter to complain about their being scammed by the campaign into multiple donations.

Of course, I’d have to search before the New York Times article because otherwise it’d be too easy for fake accounts to make it up.

Here’s what I found – this one is the worst:


Trump denied the accusations in a statement touting that he was able to get historically high donations and that the Democrats did the same. You can read the New York Times account and his response, to figure out whatever you want to believe.

But there are quite a few people who tweeted about it long before the NYT story:


This guy thought it was a mistake, he’s an American reporter in Poland who donated to Trump:

Here’s someone who mocked a Trump supporter for being scammed:


This might be one, or an actual scam using Trump’s name:

This person tried to buy a Trump cap, didn’t get the cap, but DID get hit up for recurring donations:

Some say it made them change their minds about their vote:


But not all blamed Trump, this one actually apologized to him:

I don’t know if that first guy, the disabled military veteran, got his money refunded, but he tweeted his support for Trump after that first tweet:


These are just the few I found with the simplest of search terms, I’m sure there are more out there. Not that anything matters.

Of course the lying failing news network MSNBC ran with the story from the failing lying New York Times:

And just for fun, here’s a tweet I found from a moron who thought he could get away with stealing goose down pillows from the Trump Hotel:

Hope those are nice pillows you bought.