Sidney Powell says Trump had the power to undo the election and he just didn’t do it

Sidney Powell is saying that Trump had the power and the means and the right to save the Republic and he just didn’t do it.

She told Dinesh D’Souza on his podcast that she just doesn’t understand how Trump let this happen.

“See, I thought he never controlled his Justice Department for the first two and a half years but you’re saying he never controlled his Justice Department at all,” said D’Souza.

“I don’t think he did control his Justice Department at all. I don’t think he controlled his White House. He certainly didn’t control his White House counsel,” Powell said.

“He had the power and the means and the right to do what was needed to save our Republic before he left office, and he didn’t do it,” she explained.

“Any time he apparently issued an order for something to be done,” she added, “the people around him countermanded it. And I don’t know, he allowed that to happen, I don’t know how this happened, Dinesh.”

Powell concludes: “It is absolutely unfathomable to me!”

What’s even more interesting is that the text of the interview was posted at Mike Lindell’s website for his free speech app, but later deleted.

You can visit the link here:


Update: I forgot that the video of the interview is still available. Here’s the link. Her comments about Trump are at about the 16 minute mark.

Well anyway, now they’re wondering why it is that Trump didn’t save the Republic when he had the chance? Any guesses? Sounds like they’re losing faith in the “storm” ever coming….