Hello, I am Hispanic, ‘Latinx’ is a stupid word and you need to stop using it

Hello, I am an American of Mexican descent and I am here to tell you that the attempt to normalize the word “Latinx” is really stupid and you should stop using it right now.

For the majority of people who are wondering why “Latinx” is being used by some people in the media, don’t blame the real Latinos, we didn’t make it up. It was made up by the transgender lobby because Spanish is a gendered language, which is simply an expression of nature, and they can’t allow that insult to their political agenda.

In other words, “Latino” refers to males, and “Latina” refers to females. But that is “exclusionary” to transgender people, so they are trying to erase words for the sake of political gain.

And we all know this is very very estupido.

Among the stronger arguments against the use of the phrase is that it is simply rejected by the vast majority of Latinos. I understand why transgender people argue that people should refer to them by the name they choose out of politeness, but Latinos have in no way chosen to use “Latinx,” so why should this word be imposed on us?

You might be asking how many Latinos actually use the word.

A Pew poll conducted in December 2019 found that only THREE PERCENT of Latinos in the U.S. say they use the phrase to refer to themselves. THREE PERCENT.

And only 27% of Latinos have even HEARD of the word!!

Languages change. New words are introduced all the time and others pass out of usage. This is normal. But it is not normal or right for a political agenda to impose, some might say in a colonial manner, a word on an entire demographic of people who reject it.

So stop using the stupid word. Pendejos.

UPDATE: I had to add this perfectly phrased description by the inimitable David Burge:

Exactly right. He brought it up because yet another poll showed how few Hispanics use the term. This time it is a Gallup poll of 1,381 Americans that found only 4% of Hispanics use the term “Latinx.” Not only that, but the vast majority answered “it does not matter” by what subgroup they are called! Amazing.

Here’s a pretty decent video about the use of the word Latinx and where it came from:

They conclude the phrase just doesn’t represent most Latinos, who prefer to be identified with the country of their origin.