Daily Beast leads a chorus of morons lying about ‘disappearing’ indigenous people to rile up more racial animus

By now you’ve probably heard about the horrible case of Gabby Petito, the woman who disappeared on a road trip with her fiance who returned without her and refused to cooperate with cops. The story is still developing, and all of the terrible details haven’t been revealed yet.

But that doesn’t mean that the usual gang of dishonest pathetic race hustlers can’t pounce on the story to divide Americans and try to make a dime off of inspiring more racial hatred!

Leading the pack of morons is Molly Jong Fast at the Daily Beast, who saw a misleading statistic and ran with it to exaggerate the racial divide.

Here’s what the dishonest dipshit wrote:

Gabby Petito’s hashtag was searched 268 million times on TikTok. In the same area that Gabby Petito disappeared, 710 indigenous people— mostly girls—disappeared between the years of 2011 and 2020 but their stories didn’t lead news cycles, internet sloths didn’t clog Instagram and Twitter trying to solve the mystery of their disappearances. Personally, I find it more than a little infuriating that those 710 people didn’t get the same attention as this white, model-thin 22-year-old who’d been documenting her travels through Utah’s national parks in a white van with her boyfriend on Instagram.

Now the thing is I had already bookmarked the study she’s referring to, because I wanted to see if there was any truth to it. There is some truth to it, and it’s worth considering honestly. I do actually think that society and the media places a different value on victims based on their race and other artificial circumstances. You can argue that case reasonably. But that’s not what Molly does.

This is the crap she did:

It’s pretty easy.

She quotes a study that says in the same area where Petito disappeared, there were 710 indigenous people who were reported missing in the last ten years. It’s important to note that they were “reported missing” and not “disappeared” as she said. Here’s why:

The report says 79% of the people who were reported missing were found within 30 days. These were likely runaways or people who got lost, or any number of other explanations. These are NOT people like Petito, who disappeared under very insane circumstances, and were likely murdered.

BUT Molly wants you to think that because it will lead to more race-based RAGE, more clicks for the Daily Beast, and more money in her pocket.

Nice scam huh?

And she’s not the only one who is cashing in. Check it out:

Does no one actually CLICK THROUGH to check the damn stats?! LOL! NOPE. They just run along with the false narrative because it serves their political agenda.

That dude is a professor at Harvard, so that goes to show you what that’s worth.

And I just knew as soon as I started watching the “Now This” video about it that they would keep pushing the dishonest lie:

Pathetic. But this kind of crap is very popular on the left. They really really want to believe America is way more racist than it is, and they are willing to LIE about it in order to persuade others. Of course, there are those on the right who do the opposite, to the same effect.

Here’s how popular racial hucksterism is:

The Daily Beast tweet of that story got 7,100 retweets.

The tweet of that story by Will Saletan of Slate got 660 retweets.

The tweet of that story by Washington Press Club President Jennifer Bendery got 4,100 retweets.

The tweet of that story by Washington Post national reporter Eugene Scott got 1,600 retweets.

The tweet of that story by some random social justice director named Maria Cuomo Cole got 1,500 retweets.

Molly Jong-Fast’s tweet of that story only got 100 retweets.

Will any of these people correct the BS they’re spewing after it’s pointed out to them? Well… feel free to tweet them and ask them. With a link to this article.