Liberals expose their sneering disdain of working class families over this CNN report

You will not believe the insane response that liberals and Democrats had to this pretty great report from CNN on a family that is having to deal with rising prices at the grocery store. Instead of feeling some sympathy, they actually lashed out and called them liars! It’s really nuts!!

Check out the report, it’s actually really good, and very well produced:

Now, a regular human being who is not a complete a-hole watches that, and prays for relief for American families. Right?

Not these jackasses.

A TON of people really lashed out at the reporter and the family over this report that is simply documenting what we ALL KNOW IS TRUE right now: high inflation is hurting the average American family. Is this the average American family? NO. But having 2 kids, 5 adopted kids, and another foster kid, helps show how difficult it is to survive when groceries start getting expensive.

Instead of expressing some sympathy, this is how a-hole-in-chief Jonathan Chait responded:

Iowahawk, as always, had the perfect response to Chait’s condescending jackassery:

Yup. Just incredible. And Chait wasn’t the only one. Look at this jerks – this guy is very liberal and comments a lot on these things:

Here’s more:

Right, shut up about it, family that has taken in 5 adoptees and a foster child!

Do you think that might depend on what you buy? That’s how averages work, moron.

Incredible. I’m sure the Stotlers, who are providing for 8 kids, live a much better life than this degenerate loser, but wow, how pathetic and hate-filled can you get? AND he declares his ignorance – he didn’t actually watch the damn segment!

Then there’s this jackass:

This is just completely dishonest. I guarantee you I could show you when CNN has covered ALL those stories extensively because each one pushes a liberal narrative. As soon as they do one story that might hurt the Democrats these idiots freak out.

Look at this idiot:


Hey, that’s a winning message. Inflation ONLY hurts families who buy a lot of milk. Genius!! At least 4.3k liberal idiots thought that was a great argument.

Don’t mention how inflation is hurting families, because it’s anti-Biden! Brilliant political strategy. Look at this moron:

Another one who didn’t *actually watch the video* and spoke out of complete ignorance. I could go on and on there’s hundreds of these liberal jackasses mocking this family and thinking they’re winning while doing it.

It got so bad that the reporter on the story, Evan McMorris-Santoro lashed out at these pathetic losers:

I mean he’s got a point.

Isn’t the Democratic party supposed to be the one that is pulling for the poor and for working families? That’s what we’re told right? But when they actually get to see a struggling family they mock and ridicule and call them liars.

Just incredible, especially when they JUST went through stunning losses in elections in Virginia, New York, Seattle and New Jersey. You’d think they’d learn a lesson about being completely out-of-touch with what struggles families are actually going through. NOPE.

Good luck selling your sneering disdain and condescension next election, a-holes.