How ‘White Supremacy’ explains the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse

If the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse continues on the course it’s already on, he should be free very soon. In the meantime, all sorts of idiots on the left and in the media are screaming white supremacy every chance they get.

Which is odd, when you consider this:

In fact, the media hype around this trial is so bad that some liberals are discovering, to their shock, that the three victims weren’t black!!

Pretty amazing huh? I actually got the idea from a meme I did years back with the OPPOSITE race setting from the Baltimore riots – you can check that one out here.

I think this might have to do with the continuing left-wing meltdown over the recent elections. They really really refuse to conceive of any other reason besides racism that explains why people are turning away from Democrats. Expect more absurd chicanery….