‘Russian warship, go fuck yourself!’ say 13 heroic soldiers refusing to surrender Ukrainian island

War is a horrible terrible thing, but in the most extreme of situations, you often find the most heroic examples of the human spirit. We’re seeing these stories coming out of Ukraine.

One such incident played out on the small island of Zmiinyi.

President Zelensky confirmed that thirteen soldiers were defending the island when they were confronted by a Russian warship.

The warship demanded that they put down their weapons and surrender or be fired upon.

“This is a Russian warship, I repeat. I suggest you lay down your arms and surrender, otherwise, you will be bombed!! Do you copy?”

“Should I tell him to go fuck himself?” asks a voice.

“Just in case,” responds what sounds like a female voice.

“Russian warship, go fuck yourself!” he responds.

The Russians bombed the island and all 13 soldiers died. But they did not surrender.

Zelensky said they would be granted the honors appropriate to their sacrifice made in service to their country.

There’s audio of the incident, I can’t confirm if it’s authentic, but it’s bad-ass, so here it is:


Even more poetically, “Zmiinyi” translates to Snake Island, which inspired this awesome tribute:

When we are called to account, may we all be brave enough to say, “Russian warship, go fuck yourself!”