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Someone is scamming Trumpers out of tons of money selling ‘Trump Bucks’ and the ‘TRB System’ on social media

Well this is very sad and pathetic. Someone is scamming Trumpers out of their hard-earned social security checks by selling them “Trump Bucks” and promising they will make a ton of money later. It’s a great scam, I might buy in actually.

Here’s a video on Twitter where they edit Tucker Carlson to make it look like he’s in on the scam too. This video explicitly says that people will be able to use their Trump Bucks at banks, which are evil by the way, once they “register” on the TRB website.

Some points:

1) The video is from August and says it’s “your last chance.” Of course, it’s October and you can still buy all of this crap.

2) Here’s the fake screenshot of the Tucker Carlson show:

The video is obviously, stupidly, edited to make it appear as if Carlson endorses this scam. Only an idiot would believe it. Luckily, there’s tons of them out there!!

3) The video explains that the “TRB System” is where you register the Trump Bucks you bought so you can use them at banks, at allegedly a greater value than you bought them for. What a great scam!!!

4) In another bizarre screenshot, it claims some lady named “April Green” is the first Trump Bucks Millionaire.

OK, here’s another rabbit hole. I feel stupid for even googling it, but I have to do the due diligence, so here goes…. oh boy. There’s a hit. It’s from Telegram, an alternative social media site. And there’s ANOTHER bizarre clearly edited video where Tucker Carlson says in garbled audio that Trump congratulated April Green for being the first Trump Bucks millionaire.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video to this post, you have to go to Telegram to see it.

Here’s a screenshot of the text with the Tucker Carlson claim:

Here’s a screenshot tagging the account as a fake:

Even though it has already been tagged as fake by Telegram, by the publishing of this article, it had already received 80k views. How many more of these fake scam videos are there out there?

Well I have at least part of the answer. There’s a bunch of videos on YouTube with automated voices promoting the Trump Bucks to people. The accounts appear to be fake because they all have about half a million subscribers but not a lot of comments. Check it out:

Here’s another one:

And here’s another one:

In the description of one of the videos they literally say you will be able to trade your Trump Bucks for real money:

The TRB System membership cards are official cards issued by Donald Trump to allow holders of Trump Bucks to use them as legal currency in participating retail stores and banks, as well as collection items, limited and single production.
The TRB system card has many other benefits, such as discount on goods and services, access to exclusive events, and more.
Each card will register up to 7 Trump Bucks in your preferred account.

There’s a few tweets about it, but there’s not many. I wonder if it’s being marketed on alternative platforms more.


Papi Trumpo didn’t respond.

Trust the plan, order now!! And the plan is not cheap. First you buy the Trump Bucks, and they are pricey, but after that you have to buy the Trump Card that will let you register your very very valuable worthless Trump Bucks. Here’s how much those cost:

So just do the math. Someone is making a lot of money off these people and claiming they will be millionaires and be able to use their money at banks. This is where all these conspiracy theories lead, I’ve seen it for years. At least someone is making money off of the destruction of the country, I guess.

If you search “Trump Bucks” and the word “scam,” Google sends you to websites where the reviews tell you it’s real and you have to buy buy buy!! Here’s one at “Alternative Science” written by Mallory Miller. In one of the comments on the post, someone named “Nan” asks how many TRB cards she needs to redeem 500,000 worth of Trump Bucks.

Only 8 TRB Cards!! What great investment. That will only cost you $480 for the cards to redeem half a million Trump Bucks!! Now, those are worthless, but still, you can’t beat that deal.

Now how do I know they’re worthless, well the website says so:

Memorabilia. That is expensive memorabilia.

And don’t get me started on Trump Coins. Phew. 

Just to be fair, there’s a story out there saying a couple tried unsuccessfully to redeem their Trump Bucks at a bank but that was not confirmed and came from a Reddit user who later deleted their post when they were threatened. So that’s nice.

Feel free to share this with victims of the Trump Bucks scam, but don’t hold out any hope that it’ll persuade them. They are not operating on logic and reason anyway.

UPDATE: Someone sent me screenshots of a Trump Buck victim trying to redeem their value. You can read that there.