House appraiser says a couple tried to redeem ‘Trump Bucks’ to buy a home — here are the screenshots

After I posted last week about the “Trump Bucks” scam, which you can read here, a home appraiser came out on Twitter saying that a couple had tried to redeem their “Trump Bucks” while trying to buy a home.

Of course, it being Twitter, someone came out of the woodwork to accuse them of lying.

So they posted the interaction between themselves and the couple to prove their claim. I asked them for permission to post here, and they agreed. I edited out any personal details.

The sad pathetic truth is that this person was fooled by a very badly edited video being passed around about Trump Bucks. I have it posted here in a previous article.

There is another story from a Reddit user about a couple trying to use Trump Bucks at a bank and being turned away, but that remains unconfirmed because they deleted the post after receiving threats.

Here’s the deal: Trump Bucks are a scam. It’s just memorabilia. DO NOT buy them hoping to share in Donald Trump’s millions. You are being scammed by people who are using fake names on social media and posting badly edited video.

And there’s still people biting the scam:



Well someone is making money off of these people, but it ain’t me. I need to get back to work….
Feel free to send me money, though, no Trump Bucks!!