Scam artists are using deep-fake videos of Trump to dupe his supporters out of tons of money

I’ve been trying to track and document a scam vacuuming money out of the pockets of gullible Trump supporters and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

At first they just used lame photoshops and poorly edited videos from the Tucker Carlson show to trick people out of their social security checks.

Now they’re using poorly crafted deep-fake videos of Trump himself.


Sad right. If you go to the link you can buy Trump stickers that will validate your Trump bucks through the TRB system and deep-fake Trump himself says that each one will be worth $100,000 and it will be sent to your bank account immediately!!

The website doesn’t say that though. It only makes vague promises to make all your dreams come true.

Wow you can make your dreams come true – as long as your only dream is to be scammed out of your hard-earned money that is!

Luckily these stickers aren’t that expensive as long as you think $500 for worthless stickers isn’t expensive:

Ooof that is just sad and pathetic.

And if a crappy deep-fake of Trump didn’t persuade you, they also have crappy deep-fakes of Ivana Trump! Why not? Check it out:


Here’s a hilarious one where KID ROCK says he owns the stickers! Because a millionaire rock star needs to get money from Trump for some reason.

As I have documented before, this started with the TRUMP BUCKS system where people paid thousands of dollars to these scammers in hopes of getting millions back from Trump.

When that didn’t work they said, “oh no stupid, you need a Trump card to verify your Trump Bucks!”

And those were hundreds of dollars.

Now you need a Trump sticker, because they will keep coming up with more and more products to steal money from gullible people.

Don’t take it from me, take it from deep-fake Elon Musk:



I have seen reports of people trying to cash in their Trump bucks at banks at other places, and it doesn’t work out too well for them.

Here’s some people still pushing the scam on twitter:

Here’s the newest collection of people trying to throw their money away on a spurious get-rich quick scheme:

Don’t fall for the scam.

Instead, give your money to my Patreon scam. At least you’ll get some extra podcast content there.