Daily Beast leads a chorus of morons lying about ‘disappearing’ indigenous people to rile up more racial animus

By now you’ve probably heard about the horrible case of Gabby Petito, the woman who disappeared on a road trip with her fiance who returned without her and refused to cooperate with cops. The story is still developing, and all of the terrible details haven’t been revealed yet.

But that doesn’t mean that the usual gang of dishonest pathetic race hustlers can’t pounce on the story to divide Americans and try to make a dime off of inspiring more racial hatred!

Leading the pack of morons is Molly Jong Fast at the Daily Beast, who saw a misleading statistic and ran with it to exaggerate the racial divide.

Here’s what the dishonest dipshit wrote:

Gabby Petito’s hashtag was searched 268 million times on TikTok. In the same area that Gabby Petito disappeared, 710 indigenous people— mostly girls—disappeared between the years of 2011 and 2020 but their stories didn’t lead news cycles, internet sloths didn’t clog Instagram and Twitter trying to solve the mystery of their disappearances. Personally, I find it more than a little infuriating that those 710 people didn’t get the same attention as this white, model-thin 22-year-old who’d been documenting her travels through Utah’s national parks in a white van with her boyfriend on Instagram.

Now the thing is I had already bookmarked the study she’s referring to, because I wanted to see if there was any truth to it. There is some truth to it, and it’s worth considering honestly. I do actually think that society and the media places a different value on victims based on their race and other artificial circumstances. You can argue that case reasonably. But that’s not what Molly does.

This is the crap she did:

It’s pretty easy.

She quotes a study that says in the same area where Petito disappeared, there were 710 indigenous people who were reported missing in the last ten years. It’s important to note that they were “reported missing” and not “disappeared” as she said. Here’s why:

The report says 79% of the people who were reported missing were found within 30 days. These were likely runaways or people who got lost, or any number of other explanations. These are NOT people like Petito, who disappeared under very insane circumstances, and were likely murdered.

BUT Molly wants you to think that because it will lead to more race-based RAGE, more clicks for the Daily Beast, and more money in her pocket.

Nice scam huh?

And she’s not the only one who is cashing in. Check it out:

Does no one actually CLICK THROUGH to check the damn stats?! LOL! NOPE. They just run along with the false narrative because it serves their political agenda.

That dude is a professor at Harvard, so that goes to show you what that’s worth.

And I just knew as soon as I started watching the “Now This” video about it that they would keep pushing the dishonest lie:

Pathetic. But this kind of crap is very popular on the left. They really really want to believe America is way more racist than it is, and they are willing to LIE about it in order to persuade others. Of course, there are those on the right who do the opposite, to the same effect.

Here’s how popular racial hucksterism is:

The Daily Beast tweet of that story got 7,100 retweets.

The tweet of that story by Will Saletan of Slate got 660 retweets.

The tweet of that story by Washington Press Club President Jennifer Bendery got 4,100 retweets.

The tweet of that story by Washington Post national reporter Eugene Scott got 1,600 retweets.

The tweet of that story by some random social justice director named Maria Cuomo Cole got 1,500 retweets.

Molly Jong-Fast’s tweet of that story only got 100 retweets.

Will any of these people correct the BS they’re spewing after it’s pointed out to them? Well… feel free to tweet them and ask them. With a link to this article.

Maybe Hispanics voted against Democrats because you idiots kept calling us “Latinx”

I have been a Latino American of Mexican descent since before I can remember, and one of the dumber things I have seen in my life is how so many Americans, mostly white “woke” liberals, use the term “Latinx,” to refer to us.

Now that the election is coming to a close and Democrats are completely stunned that Trump increased his vote among Hispanics, maybe we should visit this recent development in how white liberals tell Hispanics what to think and what to say.

For those who need a primer, the term “Latinx” is supposed to replace “Latino” and “Latina” in order to be more inclusive of transgender Latinos and Latinos, and other gender designations as well.

But that is absolutely ludicrous.

Firstly, we don’t do that in English with any other ethnic group. We certainly don’t do it with African-Americans, or Asians, or anyone else. So why are Latinos targeted with this bizarre new designation? As far as I can tell it’s simply an accident of language. Because “Latino” is derived from Spanish, it has masculine and feminine versions. That’s it.

Secondly, polling shows that the VAST majority of Latinos do not accept this designation and they do not identify as Latinx at all. In a poll conducted by ThinkNow Research in 2019, only 2% of Hispanics in the United States preferred the “Latinx” designation to describe themselves. Keep in mind, ThinkNow is a left-wing group and they were dismayed when they saw the results.

To be fair, it was a small poll of only 500 U.S. Hispanics, and I would really love to see more polling on this issue from other, more objective organizations.

So why are so many national news outlets bamboozled into a phrase to describe U.S. Hispanics that they themselves do not prefer? I would venture to say that they are following the lead of the fringe far left progressive “woke” crowd screaming at them that they need to be more “inclusive.”

But if the term Latinx isn’t how U.S. Hispanics describe themselves, then how is it “inclusive” for white people to slap them with a term that they do not prefer?

Well, it isn’t. And it shows just how news outlets and other institutions aren’t actually listening to minority groups, they are listening to the loud fringe of progressive extremists who pretend they represent minorities, when they do not represent us and our interests at all.

Maybe that’s something that liberals and Democrats should think about as they consider how their “blue wave” crashed on the rocks of reality this election….

Mike Pence Does A Horrific Thing… And Scapegoats A Hispanic Guy For It!!

That scourge of Indiana politics and second in line to the presidency, Mike Pence, showed what a bleak dystopian future we’re in for if ever our fortunes fall so low as to have him ascend to the Oval Office.

This dude seriously touched a thing at NASA that says SPECIFICALLY do not touch!!!


This is exactly the kind of totalitarian reckless hubris that the founders warned us against, and here is Mike Pence just brazenly… doing it.



From the official Vice President Twitter account!! His nefarious chicanery will be emblazoned in the historical archives for all our horrified posterity to gawk at.


This is quite possibly the worst thing Mike Pence has ever done in his long history of committing horrors against museum sign commands, and I, for one, am sad that our Republic has been brought so low. I blame Trump.


[h/t: tiny korean kid-transporting bird-tender]


C’mon Marco leave the guy alone.

Hey Trump If You Renounce White Supremacists You Should Probably Delete This Tweet!

El Trumpo was very reluctant to denounce the Ku Klux Klan this morning, and his defenders say he’s not really a racist.

But if he wants to prove it, he should probably delete this tweet from the rabidly racist Twitter account @Ricky_Vaughn99 too:

Here’s more from the charming scumbag:

And just like il Trumpollini he’s rather thin-skinned about Megyn Kelly:

It’s not The Donald’s fault – he can’t be running background checks on all his followers. BUT it IS indicative of the kind of people that are encouraged by Trump’s rhetoric.

So does he need to “research” this too?

SooperPodcast #191!! Argentinian Papal Conspiracies, If If If If, DMestic Violence With Matt And Jessica

BRILLIANT ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protester Gets Hillary To Read Her OWN RACIST Quote!!

So we don’t think much of the “Black Lives Matter” protest movement here at the Scoop, and you all know why. BUT I have to hand it to this protester who brilliantly got Hitlery Clinton to read her OWN racist quote from 1996 about inner city youth (read “blacks” here).

It’s amazing:


BOOM!! I love it!!

Her quote hearkens back to when a crime wave made even Democrats support more law enforcement and imprisonment – and black activists have latched on to one particular quote about “superpredators” from the cankled commie candidate:

Here’s her quote:

Of course, now it’s more politically correct to whine about the “school to prison” pipeline, and be upset that we put bad people in prison. And that’s why Hillary Clinton could be in trouble with African-Americans this election.

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That Time Trump Tweeted A Selfie With Al Sharpton, Saying, ‘I GET HIM, Others Don’t’!

This is the GOP front-runner.

Awww, they’re all hugged up. Sharpton looks a lot fatter in this pic, so it must have been a while ago.

Still, it won’t bother his Trumpbots that he says he “gets” Al Sharpton, who is a race-baiting scumbag scam artist like no one else does.

That’s just what businessmen do, dammit!!!

That Time Trump Got Angry Because People Called him ‘F**kface Von Clownstick’ On Twitter…

Oh Lord, Blacks Are Gonna Kill Stacey Dash For Saying This…

Fox News conservative commentator Stacey Dash didn’t hold back on what she sees as cultural segregation and called for the doing away of black-centric awards and channels.

Oh damn. They’re gonna hunt her down and kill her for this. That opinion is NOT allowed in Obama’s racially harmonious America!!! Now I have to say I don’t agree with her here. People should have the freedom to associate however they want. But America is about 70% whites. Of course you’re going to have awards shows with just whites on occasion. It’s OK to “raise awareness” about it, but the black activists talking about this seem more militant than that. If anything, it should show them the hypocrisy of the liberal left who don’t practice what they preach.  Instead, they’d rather threaten and insult Stacey Dash:


She responded to one idiot from her Twitter account:

Ahhh yeah, a lot of Obama-level liberal tolerance right here.

Oh and by the way, it’s Stacey Dash’s 49th birthday too. And she looks unbelievably gorgeous:

Maybe they’re just a little bit jealous….

Here’s The YUGE Evidence That Sarah Palin Will ENDORSE TRUMP Tomorrow!

Wretched Melissa Harris Perry Spews Out Her Feelings About Star Wars Being RACIST!

Melissa Harris Perry used all the power of the force in her tampon earrings in order to analyze how racist the Star Wars movies are in this bewilderingly stupid clip from her ostentatiously moronic show on MSNBC.

Watch below:

She literally says “I know why I have feelings, good bad and otherwise, about Star Wars, and I have a LOT! I spend whole DAYS talking about the Darth Vader situation…” And this is no accident – she literally uses the phrase, “I get the feels about this,” as a starting point to most of her pseudo-intellectual analysis on the show.

Perry has become a completely absurd and ridiculous caricature of overly sensitive liberal black analysis.

And if you don’t believe me, just watch this hilarious send up of such an analysis from the movie “Chasing Amy” [trigger warning: lots of cursing, and racial stuff]:

I am so happy I’m a conservative because I don’t have to sit around hating life by analyzing everything through race like the way these pathetic liberals do.

Although I was a *tiny* bit upset there weren’t any Mexicans in Star Wars when I was a kid. I mean you KNOW the Death Star was built by Mexicans. Undocumented interstellar immigrants doing the work that empire citizens just won’t do…


You Are Lying If You Say Justice Scalia’s Comments Are RACIST…

‘Safe Space’ Activists SHUT DOWN Immigrant Asian Student’s Speech After She Says Blacks Were RACIST To Her!

This is really incredible. At a “safe space” demonstration at Claremont McKenna college, everything got sooper-tense once an immigrant Asian girl said that blacks had been racist to her. Because you just don’t say such things in the “safe space”!!!

Watch below:

All she was doing was trying to say that everyone, including blacks, need to be tolerant of each other. But the “enlightened” morons of this movement honestly indoctrinate themselves into believing that only whites can be racist. This is double-plus-ungood-think.

This is what I love about so many leftists coming out of the woodwork – they show their true colors whenever they actually start making demonstrations…

White Supremacists Are Pretending To be #Mizzou Students And Posting FALSE INFO To Inspire Violence!

WATCH ‘Racial Justice’ Warrior Infants Throw A ‘Flash Mob’ Temper Tantrum At Tech Conference!

Oh they’ve struck again. The “social justice warriors” who are upset at race hoaxes they’ve perpetrated against themselves are now hounding the “Digital Democracy” tech conference on the campus of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

“We have nothing to lose but our chains!” LOL what a bunch of maroons.

They’re kinda creepy. Sounds like a cult.

“We must love each other and support each other!” We must drink the racist koolaid!!

I’m not sure what this accomplishes because it appears most of the morons at that tech conference are probably in agreement with these racialist idiots too.

Oh well. Go ahead and annoy other liberals. That’ll get ya far.

Mizzou Students Can Now Call Campus Police When Their Precious Feelings Are Hurt

Whitest MSNBC Host Ever Says Cruz And Rubio Aren’t REALLY HISPANIC, They’re ‘Cuban Nationals’!

I’m finding it very difficult not to riddle this post with expletives, as a Hispanic person myself, after the whitest MSNBC host ever (which is saying something) snidely mocked Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio by saying they’re not really Hispanic, they’re “Cuban Nationals.”

Watch below:

[longer video at the Right Scoop for context]

What the @#$% does that even MEAN?!?!

Of course he’s trying to insinuate that you can’t be “Hispanic” and conservative, because dim-witted degenerates like him think we minorities can’t think for ourselves without old white men like him telling us who we should vote for.

Usually when you say “Cuban National” you mean that person is a citizen of Cuba. How dare this pathetic excuse for a human being accuse Rubio and Cruz of not being American? This is the same piece of crap that gets a fiery tingle up his leg when Republicans say Obama isn’t American, and starts squealing like a whiny schoolgirl.

This is EXACTLY the kind of crap that would be an outrage and reported all over the land if a conservative did it, but because this liberal idiot does it before MSNBC’s 23 viewers, he gets a total pass.

You’re a disgusting moron and a pinche pendejo, Chris Matthews, even for the sewer that we otherwise call MSNBC.

Crazy Video Of Mizzou Social Justice Fascists Muscling Out Journalists From Reporting Their Public Meeting!

White Supremacists Are Pretending To be #Mizzou Students And Posting FALSE INFO To Inspire Violence!

I was among the first to report on a ridiculous KKK hoax last night at the University of Missouri that got so many fearful and upset. Now it appears as if white supremacist elements are using the chaos to further their goal of a race-war by pretending to be students and posting false images of the KKK on campus.

Here’s one of the more successful posts:

Here’s his profile claiming he’s a student at Mizzou, but notice the website link – it goes to a white supremacist site that shows what the plan is.

I won’t link it to give these scumbags what they want, but here’s what they’re doing:

Hell is breaking loose at Mizzou. Sam Hyde, a known White Supremacist leader, is leading the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups in a violent siege of Blacks.

Get on Twitter. Now.

The hashtags are #Mizzou and #PrayForMizzou.

Change your avatar to a Black.

Do not post fake pictures, or Warhammer 40k. Just post real images of what is happening on MSU campus.

You can find these images of the KKK and Neo-Nazi on Google Images. Just Google “KKK” or “Neo-Nazi rally” or whatever.

If anyone questions you about the authenticity, just explain to them that the media is covering it up. If they ask why the cops aren’t stopping these marches, tell them the cops are marching with them and protecting them.

Many Blacks are already getting informed, we have to ensure that all Blacks know about what’s happening

Hundreds more are liking these posts, getting informed of the truth of this Black Holocaust at MSU.

We need to ensure that all the Blacks know what’s happening, so they stay safe.




The comments reveal that they’re all in on the joke:

“This is good. Niggers want to live in an imaginary world. Might as well feed their delusions.”

“This is good. This is awesome!

If the Jews can control blacks so easily, why can’t we? Let’s get them all riled up and than maybe more “whites” will wake up.

I am actually going to get on twitter now, first time ever. HAHA”

If you look at that account it’s all fake images supposedly showing KKK members at Mizzou, and their victims”

So what’s the lesson here? Don’t retweet or share something outrageous until you’re sure of the source, or you might be a victim of manipulation from race-baiting provocateurs – on both sides.

HEY MEDIA: Ben Carson’s Mother VERIFIED His Stabbing Story Way Back In 1997!!

KKK HYSTERIA Grips Mizzou Campus!! Student Prez CONFIRMS KKK Attacks, Then Says Stop Spreading Rumors!!

Blacks everywhere are fearing for their lives as rumors that hordes of KKK armies are marching up and down the University of Missouri campus are spreading like wildfire on social media.

Now none of that is actually happening, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a hysteria. So join in the fun.

Here’s a Facebook post from the Student Association President confirming the presence of the KKK on campus:

Everybody freaked out, because clearly white people are letting racists pillage and murder everybody all over the place:


That’s so scary!! If only there was some way that young people might take video or audio of the KKK and post them on some sort of information data device or… network of some kind!! Ah well maybe someday we’ll have such technological marvels.

I guess we’re just gonna have to take these reports on face value.. oh wait.. wait…

Oh. So it was an unconfirmed rumor. Darn. Well I think we should all panic anyway.


There are reports of students evacuating and fleeing the campus. If that’s the case, it’s because of stupid rumors, not because of a real threat.

[h/t to Hapax Legomenon]

Shaun King Says Latest Project Only Raised $10,000 – Supporters Don’t Believe Him…

UH OH!! Race Huckster Shaun King Being CALLED OUT By Supporters With #ShaunKingLetMeDown Hashtag!!

Self-promoting race huckster of devious racial composition Shaun King is being called out for shutting down an organizing plan he put together called “Justice Together” but failed to fulfill.

The hashtag began with one woman who told her tale of disappointment:

Hey at least you didn’t get the poison Kook-Aid treatment that usually follows the end of charismatic campaign…

Time… and money….

Geez he sounds like Obama.

And then others chimed in….

And then….. BOOOM!!! Now they’re organizing against him….

The hashtag has blown up will tons of people talking about how Shaun King isn’t what he says he is. So a few hours later, he wrote a long Facebook post that blamed a lot of the people who were disappointed him.

I need to address something. Heading out to be with my family in a few minutes, but want to put this out there.On this…

Posted by Shaun King on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Now, I would recommend if you’re interested, to go check out the hashtag. If you see anyone else tell a compelling story, let me know…

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