Conservative Erick Erickson suspended on Twitter for tweeting a biological fact about a transgender male

Careful everyone!! We are now in the upside down world where you can’t say the biological reality about transgender people. At least not on Twitter – here’s the latest victim of totalitarian woke censorship:

Erickson is referring to Laurel Hubbard, the Olympic wrestler, who was born a man and magically transmuted himself through the power of modern medical chemicals into what many would consider a reasonable facsimile of a woman, as-far-as-society-and-twitter-goes.


Even if we can’t say it. Or risk being drummed out of the big tech speech sphere.

I do think this is a problem. I don’t think we need to burn down the entire tech world over this, nor would I go about shrieking about my constitutional right to say whatever I want on Twitter. I just don’t think that’s true, and I think some people are a little nutty about it. But, it is a problem.

Now go and woke-sin no more.

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