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After Ferguson Decision, Blacks Infuriated At ‘Uncle Tom’ ‘B**ch A$$ N**ga’ Obama

If you thought the voters expressed their anger at Obama in the midterms, you should see some of the bilious anger that some blacks tweeted at him after his speech in response to the Ferguson Grand Jury decision. They were not happy. [Caution, “colorful” language ahead]

…and here’s one for uncle Joe Biden too!

As much as conservatives think that Obama has gone all out to encourage race-baiting, I think this shows that he could do a lot worse, which is why these people are so disappointed.

Read more Sooper coverage of Ferguson here

  • LarDog

    I think they should only be upset at 1/2 of Obama… Well, may not. They’re probably not too fond of his white 1/2 either.

  • John Howard

    Did a shark just get jumped?

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  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Many black people are starting to disapprove of Obama, which is proper. Leftists policies are making them miserable. They seem to be pissed off for the wrong reasons, though, which I find discouraging. Oh well, eventual insight may be possible, as long as they understand that race hustlers like Obama, Holder, and Sharpton do not have the black community’s best interests at heart.

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  • mojojojo

    Don’t they know that any criticism of Obama is raaacist!?!?

  • fivvy

    They must have missed all the gas Oracist has been tossing on the fire of Ferguson.

  • CruisingTroll

    Bookmark this, and feel free to quote these shining lights of brotherhood.

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  • Juanita

    Obama and Holder have no one to blame but themselves for the attitudes being displayed. They should have stayed out of it and left it a local matter. By doing what they did , “lesser lights” were led to believe that the national government could some how direct what verdict would be reached. They fanned the flames and then could not deliver. I have seen comments by blacks critical of Al “If-You-Have-A-Camera-I’ll- Be-There” Sharpton. They point out that he shows up, makes speeches and then leaves for the next place he thinks he can be showcased. People are slowly getting tired of him. As for Obama, the huge waves of illegal immigrants are going to have direct negative effects on blacks. When that happens, blacks will not only be walking out on his speeches but booing him as well. Holder is trying to get out of Dodge but his sins may catch up with him yet.

  • Obamanot4u

    This is so funny! It takes something like this to happen for the black community to realize that Obama is not thinking about them. First thing, he is only black according to the one drop rule, if that still matters. He is a biracial man who was not even raised on this soil. DNA matters, his mother is white. He does not share the same history as the average black man or what the average black father would share with his kids. He also does not have a son, he has daughters. His being able to relate to the average black man is really nonexistent. I do not understand what black people do not understand about this. They ran out and voted for him because he is brown actually, thinking they were going to get that mule and 4 acres. Obama hasn’t done nothing for them. Black men are worse off now. They got tricked for political gain. Why on earth would black men think he would go to Ferguson for them? While black men are running around looking like thugs, Obama’s busy letting Hispanics in so they can get citizenship. Maybe if the Ferguson blacks could speak correct English then they wouldn’t embarrass Obama.

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  • Kauf Buch

    My WORD!
    I should say that such expressions of displesure
    at the USA’s pResident seem shocking at a minimum,
    somewhat discomforting at the medium, and
    …dare I suggest the possibility…
    …almost RACIST at the extreme!

    I mean, using such word to criticize this dear little negroid leader
    seems to suggst that he has no interest in his underlings and
    only wishes to increase the position of his governance…not to mention the structural governmental power!

    What ARE these people thinking…
    Protesting against SOMEONE THEY VOTED FOR TWICE….?!

  • davidk

    Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    I’m getting a Schadenfreude high from this post.

  • Bunch o racists…Dissin O like this. Don’t they still believe in the Messiah?

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    “bitch ass nigga” must be prominently featured in the Black Twitter Style Guide.

  • JML510

    These are probably the type of idiots who probably don’t even bother voting, and have nothing better to do than whine. They apparently equate a U.S. president with a king who can just do anything anytime. Either way, conservatives here thank them for providing them some eye-candy worth of reading material. They get off when a handful of blacks get mad at their “Messiah” for not doing something that he either has no business doing or cannot do.

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