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Social Media Campaign Targets Nordstrom Employee Advocating MURDER of White Police Officers

If you want to say something incendiary online to impress your friends with how offensively clever you can be, make sure people can’t discover where you work or you might end up like Aaron Hodges who finds himself a target of an online mob after posting this on his facebook page:

The comment reads, “Instead of slamming the police, I prefer a Kenny Fort approach. Every time an unarmed black man is killed, you kill a decorated white officer, on his door step in front of his family.” Yeah, that’s pretty vicious.

Here are some of the many angry tweets sent at Nordstrom about their allegedly scumbag employee:

The official Twitter account for Nordstrom has responded, but it’s not clear that they’ll take any action against the employee:

I’m not generally in favor of online mobs, but when the guy is advocating for the murder of white policemen in front of their families, you really wonder if their employer is satisfied with this dim reflection on their values.

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  • David F. Podesta

    Nordstroms: This is how it works. Your employee makes terroristic threats on social media. We lean on Nordstroms to take action. You either take action, or we stop shopping in your stores. Get it? It’s really easy to understand. That’s how it works.

  • common pundit

    Any company that knowingly employees anyone that calls for the murder of public employees is morally and ethically deficient and is in no way deserving of patronage! If you don’t remove that poor excuse for a human being, we will shall make our voice heard by removing support for, and patronage of, your company! We live by our values! Do you?

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