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Degenerate Scumbag Michael Moore is Now Using The Bible to Bash Chris Kyle

I know I know, he’s just trolling for attention, but I just can’t help it. Somehow Michael Moore was able to wipe enough chicken grease off his sausage-fingers to type more insults against Chris Kyle. This time he brought religion into it, because why not?

Well the Good Book says pray for your enemies, but it doesn’t say not to shoot them if they’re trying to behead you or blow you up. And the Pope can be wrong (sorry Catholics). Funny how the only time these liberal idiots care to quote religion is when they can twist it to justify their political opinions by it. It’s almost like they’re in a political Jihad of some sort…

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  • gastorgrab

    What would Joe Stalin do?

  • Political Smackdown

    He is a say pathetic loser and nobody cares what he says any more..


    Jesus did not tell the Roman soldier to hang up his sword.

  • Pope John Paul II never said the words Michael Moore claims he said. The pope made it clear BEFORE the war that it should be a last resort and lobbied for the U.S. to avoid starting it, but Catholic teaching is very clear on this point: whether or not a war is just is properly left to the governments charged with representing and defending their citizens. It should be no surprise that Moore, a man who got rich by lying, is still lying.

  • This guy is extremely overweight. It’s funny coming from a guy who made a movie about the Health industry. A false movie, that is.

  • Feebes

    This from a guy who appears to solve everything by consuming a side of beef? He’s just mad because he’s no longer relevant.

  • bruce lorraine

    One of the truisms that I have found with liberals is they’re pretty much chickenshit when it comes to putting skin in the game. They’ll pretty much run and hide every time. Being obnoxious and lacking manners I’ve found a smack in the mouth works wonders in teaching them to be polite and respectful. Try it sometime you’ll like it.
    Now I know this isn’t the proper approach but when your having fun allowances have made 🙂 and I would just love to give MM his due.

  • Lanzecki

    Was he EVER relevant? I am afraid that Michael Moore is nothing more that a fat, creepy ol’ man, grasping for a last dubious 15 minutes of fame. He is from Traverse City, MI and trust me, he isn’t all that welcome or liked here.

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