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Hollywood Liberal LOVES Rioter Yelling ‘WHITE MEDIA Out of Baltimore City!’ at Fox News

I love how liberals show their idiotic mindset so easily. Here’s Seth Macfarlane posting a video that he thinks is hilarious because it’s a black kid in Baltimore screaming incoherently at Fox News and Geraldo Rivera:

The video is worth watching. The kid is screaming that Fox News needs to get out of Baltimore because they don’t cover the poverty there. OK. Neither does MSNBC, neither does anyone else for the most part. But they target Fox News. Why? They have this mindset that Fox News is evil because it’s conservative, but his screeching applies to the other networks as well.

But Macfarlane loves it just because it’s yelling at Geraldo. Does he think these people would accept hm because they all hate Fox News? LOL! That’s why they post this – liberals want to believe they’re down with the cause, but you won’t see them in Baltimore, among the looters and rioters, protesting for “Black Lives Matter.” Why? Because they know they’d get their asses kicked just like this white guy.

Of course, no one notices that this is a white liberal laughing at a black man yelling at a Hispanic man, right? What about the idiot white people in the background of the screenshot – are they “white media” too?

baltimore kid riots-1

Keep pretending, Seth Macfarlane, we see right through your liberal hypocrisy.

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  • SmokeyBehr

    All of the reporters for the major networks were white, except for Geraldo (A “White Hispanic” according to some sources) and the 2 or 3 Black reporters that they could scrounge up.

  • Gle3nn

    The interjection at 2:05 was deep ..or something.
    “People living in detrimental situations and s#^!.” is the name of my Emo/Hiphop garage band

  • Norman Smith

    He raises valid points but instead of blaming Whitey, he should be addressing his local city administrators and his own peers.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …valid point, the White media should be chasing after Hitlery and find out how she got rich and fat from extorting money from corrupt people and companies…

  • John Byrum

    What the black kid is saying is give us more free stuff even after the blacks who run the city have run it into the ground. Oh and fewer and fewer whites to pay the taxes for the free stuff the blacks demand. They should give the kid what he wants all whites leave Baltimore then it will be a black utopia.

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