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How Many Attended Hillary’s Campaign Reset? Deceptive Camera Angles Help Hillary!

Hillary has hit the “reset button” on her campaign on Roosevelt Island. Here’s the camera angle that many media outlets are using:

WHOAH!! There’s like seventy BILLION people there!!! There’s no way Hillarosaurus Rex can be defeated! Let’s all give up now!

Oh wait wait…

That actually doesn’t seem like that many… and then you have to keep this in mind:

MmmmmHmm. And last, but not least…

Yeah that’s how many people are in the “overflow” part of the rally. But you won’t see that on the mainstream media.

Here’s Howie Kurtz talking about it:

And hey this all reminds me of that other time that the “objective” media helped a liberal presidential campaign with deceptive visuals….

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  • Ross Blankert

    This old bag has to pay people to go to her rallies and most of those shown were from the press. It was on a small island to keep the security great because there are a number of people that would like to see her demise.

  • MJR

    Too bad the island didn’t tip over…

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  • MC Slammer

    What are you talking about? The overflow area was filled to capacity. Those are just the same voters who generate, in many inner-city Philadelphia precincts, 100% turnout and 100% voting for the Democrat. Many of them are also from Chicago.

  • xsnake

    The filthy 60s hippy trash were a huge joke, back in the day. So why are they now running the country? The (virtually) entire media industry in the nation are leftist.