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‘Zero Respect For What You Did’ – How I Pissed Off Jake Tapper

Soooo we got Jake Tapper upset. And he came after me on the Twitters. Here’s how it started.

This morning CNN broadcasted the entire church service from the Charleston AME church after the horribly evil murders. It really was a beautiful service, and CNN should be commended for having all three hours on it.

Jake Tapper is the new anchor for CNN’s Sunday news and I’m glad he is. He’s very fair, and a good reporter. But that doesn’t mean he gets everything right.

In this case, we posted his comments in a video under the headline, “Jake Tapper asks if forgiveness of those who wrong you is particular to the black church.”

Here it is:

Now after he got some push back from someone who read my post, Tapper admitted that he did it because Van Jones wanted to say something laudatory about the black church:

A few hours later, he came after me personally to try to educate me about black churches:

C’mon dude, the New Republic? The others are meditations on how forgiveness has a special place in black churches. I responded:

This rather saddens me because like I said, I like Jake Tapper. I would hope that he could see why saying that extreme forgiveness is exclusive to black churches might offend other Christians. But he got very defensive about it.

I added:

And just to comment on the weirdness of asking Van Jones to be an expert on these issues:

Tapper concluded with this:

Again, I think my criticism was a fair one. Especially put this way – would it be possible for someone to say that white churches practice any value of the Christian faith more or better than black churches? Probably not.

I always want to say that I found the church members’ acts of forgiveness to be an incredibly profound moment. In fact, I wrote the post about it, and called it the highest expression of Christianity. 

Hopefully someday we can have tacos and tequila shots and be friends.

If you think I was being unfair, let me know in the comments.

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  • Al_the_Fish

    When Van Jones is your go to guy on issues of religion, you’ve lost us, CNN and Jake Tapper.

  • Jim Kruta

    I seem to recall a man who went on a shooting spree in an Amish community a couple years ago and they immediately forgave the shooter.
    I also believe Pope John Paul forgave the man who attempted to kill him.

  • ⚾ COGoddess ⚾

    No you were not being unfair & Jake knows it. That’s why he got so defensive.

  • Pat

    All Christians forgive, Liberals only see race in every issue. Divide and conquer.

  • BigGator5

    Liberal “reporter” asking a question of Christianity of someone who isn’t a Christian. Wonderful.

  • LunaticRex

    Like you, I like Jake. He was wrong here. Van Jones is certainly no authority on this subject. It’s a joke he was asked the question.

  • for a dissenting opinion on forgiveness for Dylann Roof.

  • gastorgrab

    Was he using the black church bombing of the early 1960’s to make his point? Weren’t those KKK Democrats who planted those bombs?

    Our great national problem was never ‘race’. The problam was leftists the whole time. It was everyone associated with the Democratic party. ‘Race’ was the excuse they used for violent political action. Had Rachael Dolezal dressed up in black face and called herself ‘conservative’, the left would would be calling in death threats 24-7.

    And in the early 1960’s, when most blacks were still Republicans, we didn’t see them burning down their own cities either.

  • charliewalksonwater

    you were fair and correct. Tapper was defensive and apparently willfully ignorant of the gift of forgiveness and the hearts of all who faithfully follow Christ.

    What does Van jones contribute to this? Nothing. Pointless.

  • Feeding Van Jones a line just so he can make a point? This is journalism?

    I lost respect for Jake Tapper years ago. He may ask Obama tough questions that the rest of the lapdog left-wing media refuses to but he’s still a faux-journalist with a political ax to grind.


    It depends on what type of black church you go to. Believe it or not Jake, there is diversity among black people and their churches. I know you liberals like to lump them all together. However, if you go to the Rev. Wright black church, forgiveness isn’t going to happen much. But if you go to the best of the best black churches like the one in Charleston, you will find that forgiveness.

  • towerclimber37

    great job soop!

  • Fran

    Hahaha…. Who cares about Progressive America, it’s a STD

  • NRPax

    Sensitive little thing, isn’t he?

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  • Geo

    So Jakes new position is to serve up softballs to his commie guest? I thought he left the major network? You’re right on point Soop.

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  • Stephen Cromwell

    Furthermore, pointing out that Forgiveness is a huge pillar of the entire Church regardless of race has NOTHING to do with “pretending there is nothing distinctive to the Black experience in US”.

    It’s a total straw man and I bet you could get Tapper to admit as much face-to-face. I think he’s a decently honest guy who got himself twisted here.

  • Brandi

    No, you’re right. It IS a Christian ideal. It’s just unfortunate that some people – in particular, the media and “left-wing” folks – like to do this race-baiting thing to get people fighting with each other. As a black woman – a Christian – married to a latino man – with mixed race children – I can already see how the last thing I want is for people to start picking fights just over race, and I don’t want my children to be shallow racists when they grow up.