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‘Black Lives Matter’ Leader Deletes Tweets Offering Money to Commit CRIMES

A “Black Lives Matter” leader thought to take things into his own hands, and offered to pay someone to take down the confederate flag that everyone is fighting over. That’s kinda sorta illegal.

shaun king crimesWell that would solve all their racial division problems, right? The idiot knew the tweets would be a problem so he deleted them. Then he offered this ridiculous explanation:

shaun king crimes 01He probably lied about that too, because he deleted this tweet as well. Or he by “Civil Rights legends,” he meant his idiotic compatriot @Deray.

Like a G? In street parlance that refers to a gangsta, but he’s taking it more like a gigantic idiot.

LOL! Blacks Are Angry That Hillary Said ‘ALL Lives Matter’ During Her Race-Baity Speech!!
  • DeadMessenger

    I want to call him retarded, but I don’t want to insult actual mentally retarded people by conflating their legitimate medical disorder with the random brain vomit of a jackass with a case of self-imposed idiocy. Also, take criticism like a man (if you know what that is) instead of like a “G” (as in, “G” I think I’m super cool, but really, people are laughing at me behind my back.)

    p.s. Hey dumbazz Shaun…CS battle flags are selling like hotcakes! Even MORE are going to be displayed now! So, good call. Try reading something like a history book sometime, instead of just the tweets from your idiot buddies.

    p.p.s. Free blacks disproportionately owned significantly more black slaves than did whites. According to census reports of the time (back when people actually took them), less than 1.4% of all American whites and less than 4.8% of southern whites owned slaves. Compare that to, for instance, 28% of free blacks in New Orleans who were slave masters.

    p.p.p.s. The South didn’t seceed because of slavery. They seceeded because of government overreach. You know…what you’re agitating for right now?

  • Pat

    Seems like the SC State Capital missed out on an easy 10 grand and put this dumbass in his place at the same time. Oh well, bureaucrats aren’t the swiftest people.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    Wanting to pay someone to do the job they don’t have the balls to do. Typical liberal? You bet yer as s

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  • Michael Onoo

    this is the same guy who stole the Tamir Rice donations and Eric as well

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