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Notice Anything ODD In This Video Of ‘Syrian Refugees’?

The great influx of Syrian “refugees” continues flooding into Europe, but some are really wondering if they’re refugees at all.

And this video shows why:

A BBC reporter took that video and said that 10,046 migrants entered from Croatia into Hungary in just ONE day yesterday, which is a record high number.

But did you notice the one weird thing?

They’re ALL MALES.

Young, healthy, males without wives or children or parents. A lot of people are asking why they aren’t fighting for the peace of their nation. And even the United Nations is reporting that a whopping 72% are males.

So what gives, Syria?

Some Journalists Are Beginning To LOOK For The Man Who Asked Trump The Muslim Question…
  • gastorgrab

    “So what gives, Syria?”


    You cant really blame Syria for this. Half of them are not even Syrian.

    They are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, and dozens of other countries where the Obama administration has completely screwed up the American foreign policy.

    ‘The West’ is increasingly becoming the ‘check-valve’ for the entire planet. Whenever some socialist (or collectivist) regime screws up big time, the west is expected to take up the slack that is created by that nation’s miserable failure.

    There are really no consequences anymore to social experimentation by nations who try to impose a moral order where there should only be a political order. When they mess up, they can blame Europe and the United States for not fixing their problems.

  • How can they afford cigarettes?

  • Beckwith

    To be more specific, they’re all males of MILITARY AGE.

  • Also, as refugees go, they’re kind of fat.

  • Kelly Zat

    Can we all say Hijrah? Robert Spencer must be laughing his @ss off at all of us and saying I told you idiots this was coming. Geller doesn’t look like a kook so much anymore. I’m just waiting on the Serbs to pick up those guns they have stashed and start firing live ammo. Balkans round two.

  • @bradoplata

    Who’s to say that they aren’t already enlisted in someone’s army?

  • martin caidin

    Let’s see: fight against ISIS or enjoy apple strudel in Dusseldorf. That’s a toughie.

  • Shootist

    They will send for their women and children.

  • Huge_Heffner

    They are being motivated by “an act of love”.

  • jj

    Only 20% are found to be Syrian based on 44,000 Syrians out of 213,000 who came in April, May, and June to Europe.

  • billiebob

    it is an in your face invasion. The liberal Europeans are so stupid the mooslims do not even need the Trojan Horse sneak attack

  • John

    Their women & children?… ha ha ha…no, just goats & the young boys they rape..
    When the crates air drop in.. then their real purpose “may” become evident..

  • kT TK


    These males are the throwaway males of polygamy

  • Janet Sterling Elliott

    yes, all males…clean, well fed…and young…hmmmm…looks like that caliphate we have been hearing about for years… don’t say they didn’t tell you they were going to invade because they did. Stupid stupid people who will take them in. Germany is doomed now with the volkswagon problems, the economy is going to collapse and 10’s of thousands of muslim “refugees” will want to live off them…good luck USA…if you are stupid enough to do the same!

  • Mike Williams

    And those are precisely the Males (unattached Males with no Women or offspring) who can be easily persuaded (or even done on their own volition) to blow/shoot something up and die in the process…You won’t see Hugh Hefner or Gene Simmons blowing up/shooting up some place that’s for sure…

    Hell even the White guys who do those type of shootings have the same “outcast” traits…..Tim McVeigh and Anders Breivik were extremely unsuccessful with Women….McVeigh was a virgin and Brieivik had no girlfriend since 2001 (he committed his shooting in 2011) and even before 2001 only had a few short unsuccessful relationships….

    Importing Men like this will be a disaster for society…

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  • amongoose

    It’s called Hijara.
    Invasion by migration.

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  • kT TK

    They are mostly the throwaways of polygamy, fodder for terrorist groomers http://polygamycausesterrorism.com/

  • IHC

    They are not all Syrians – as reported in the European press they are a mish mash of various muslims from various ME countries – mostly from hot zones and jihadists.
    If you follow the money – you will find western volunteers from various western organization who are looking forward making millions of dollars from these illegal immigrants with shady backgrounds all throughout.
    There are many pics and short videos of the ‘western’ helpers directing them, helping them into various countries. providing them where they receive high welfare benefits and cash. They also helping with clothing, ID’s, money and food among other assistance including hotels/shelter before reaching western borders.
    If you look at all these muslims – not one of them looks like he has a want for anything – not too shabbily dressed either.
    Yes – the is a westerners organized flooding into Europe, they are all behind the global agenda as well as tools!

  • Lee Ashton

    Germany rang the dinner bell. They have nobody but themselves to blame. Same here with the spics migrating across the border. The US guvmint rang the dinner bell.

  • Guest

    They are mostly men, and most arn’t even Syrians. This is one huge migration racket, glorified human trafficking. Some of these motherless fucks probably sold their wives and children before migrating to the west

    Don’t worry tho, most native europeans won’t take this lying down. Pay no attention to what the media says, they are very angry, more angry than they ever were at any Jew

  • Guest

    REMOVE the KEBAB, comrade!

    Hopefully those NATO dogs won’t be there to thwart them this time

  • Guest

    It’s true that world powers like the US and Russia shouldn’t play tug-of-war with nations through proxy. But most of these people are not Syrians, and even fewer are legitimate ‘refugees’

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  • OutbackJon

    Lower tobacco taxes than here in the US?

  • mastersoftheobvious

    I was thinking that too.

  • mastersoftheobvious

    It doesn’t matter who’s to blame.
    Nowhere in the West is anyone seriously defending Western Civilization. Unless something changes drastically,and I see no indication that it will, Western Civilization will be gone in another generation and the world will descend into a “thousand years of darkness.”

  • mastersoftheobvious

    Apple strudel that someone else pays for.

  • joe blabs

    I Looked VERY Close at this 13 second video.—Look Hard Too, Some are carrying Ak’s, Trying to Hide them.—Look, You’ll See Them.

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