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Shooter Was IRA Fanatic; Myspace Account Discovered

The maggot who killed a dozen in Oregon turns out to be an IRA fanatic, judging from his MySpace account which was discovered soon after his name was released by the police.

Two of his “friends” on MySpace seems to post Jihadist stuff too.

The Right Scoop has a video from his account here. 

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  • Kelly Zat

    This doesn’t make sense. The IRA are Catholics. IRA would ask – are you a Protestant or are you British? Something smells to high heaven about this. The IRA’s military wing was disarmed and disbanded when Jerry Adams and Sinn Fein entered politics. This is bullshit. Also IRA never hit civilian targets without a warning going out first.

  • MrNishida

    Agree 100%. Something stinks to high heaven about this. The guy was 26 years old, part of a generation that has a smartphone welded to their hand and is always posting on social media (usually personal stuff that no one with a lick of common sense would post).
    And yet he had no social media presence, except for a supposed tiny account with almost nothing in it in, of all places, MySpace? Which very conveniently identifies him as a ‘conservative Republican’ ( a conservative Republican that shoots people because they are Christians? Yeah, right… and I am selling a bridge, too…)
    And if you do a Google search on him you find zero, zilch, nada? I call bullshit on that. Other than comments in websites like this, I don’t do social media at all, yet if I Google my own name I can find information about myself.
    Normally I don’t go for conspiracy theories- but this is too flagrant and obvious. The delay in releasing this creep’s name was done for the sole purpose of giving the Obama administration time to erase his presence from the internet. It is too damn obvious.
    However, I am pretty resourceful and, as always when democrats are involved, their arrogance makes them sloppy. They missed a detail. Borderline legal, but I did find something. This fellow was not, as supposedly claimed by him in that BS MySpace account, a ‘conservative Republican’.
    His voter registration states that he is a registered INDEPENDENT. Interesting…
    And you are correct on both counts about Alex Skarlatos.
    I believe this was a homegrown jihadi hit, and the Obama administration is desperately (and sloppily) trying to cover it up, while at the same time trying to pin this on Republicans. If I am correct (and I believe I am) and this blows up in Obama’s face, it has the potential to bring his administration down in flames. The next few days are going to be very, very interesting, to say the least.

  • BigGator5

    That’s the point of bat-shit crazy people, they don’t make sense.

  • gastorgrab

    His misunderstanding of the Irish Republican Army (‘Republican Socialism’) is what probably accounts for his entry on political preference on that dating site.

    “Political views: Conservative, Republican”

    I don’t know of any conservative republicans who hate Christians, and love the IRA and Islamic terrorists. Jeb Bush also claims to be a conservative. I don’t believe him either.

    Note – The most recent news of the IRA reports that they were helping to train the Marxist guerrillas of FARC, in their “people’s revolution” against Columbia.

  • gastorgrab

    ‘Social Awareness’ is the core of popular (Progressive) culture. Political correctness is their constitution.

    But it’s not that they actually care about any of the issues that they strive for 24 hours a day to live up to. What they care about most is that everyone around them believes they are the smartest, the most beautiful, and the trendiest person among them.

    No member of popular culture does things for their own reasons anymore. What they do depends on the social impact their actions will produce. Their success rate, their ‘status’ in popular culture, is recorded on their Facebook page; ‘Number Of Facebook Friends: XXX.

    In high school we used to call this ‘Peer Pressure’. The rise of social media now means that this cycle of class separation never has to end. The popular kids can now maintain their social status forever!

  • This whole thing doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know how someone could be a “conservative” republican and go off killing Christians. It’s just so ridiculous. Then he affiliates himself with the IRA? A terrorist group that tried to kill Thatcher? Come on.

  • MrNishida

    Correct. So what we end up with is a bunch of arrogant, ignorant, self-centered, loud, irritating teens in adult bodies (in other words, ‘progressives’). And the dummies believe that is a good thing… morons.
    There is a bunch of them where I work at, people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who act and think like children, and it is getting worse and worse by the second. They are completely out of control, and insane.
    When they start up their stupid high school bullshit little games, I have taken to telling them “I am a grown man who graduated from high school in 1973. I don’t need or play your stupid high school games. And you need to grow up.”
    Then I just walk away as they explode in rage over the fact that I dared call them on their bullshit.

  • Kelly Zat

    FARC has pretty much taken over the Columbian government. Shameful.

    The IRA went down the rat hole with it’s embrace of socialism. This guy completely misses it’s aims. He should’ve stuck with sticking his money in the ‘widows and orphans fund’ jar at a real Irish bar.

  • EXACTLY!! Don’t ignore the obvious simple answer that insane people are crazy in favor for a far-fetched conspiracy theory. ALso, the Joooz did it.

  • This is ridiculous. You doubt that ONE kid could be crazy because of a generalization about his generation? Stop looking for conspiracy theories. The obvious truth is right in front of your face.

  • There are more definitions that the American definition of “Republican.”

  • I don’t doubt the account or anything. (I hate trutherism) I’m just spooked by the weirdness of it all.

  • He was a registered Independent: http://redalertpolitics.com/2015/10/02/breaking-umpqua-shooter-not-republican/

    Phew. Just as I suspected.

  • Kelly Zat

    I don’t think it’s some weird conspiracy. It just seemed like we all jumped to a lot of conclusions. I think the kid is probably messed up in ways we have no idea about. He’s into the IRA and friends with a Jihadi? I’m just wondering was he crazy because he’s around the bend or another one of these kids on some kind of pill we shove down their throats? Either way it doesn’t matter except for the urge to find a reason and control the uncontrollable. Kids are dead and this asshole did it.

  • Dad

    He was a Cowardice asshole that broke from his own words…
    On his Myspace page he says..
    “He didn’t agree with the killing of cops”, these are MY words as i cant exactly qoute him. If his Myspace is still up , it’s there to read.
    Fact-He was a F&$k up looser, that killed innocents!!

  • MrNishida

    I absolutely do not doubt that he was nuts, I know for a fact he was. I did find a couple of other things which you might find interesting. Since he had lived in Torrance, California, I went digging into that. This is what I found, On the L.A. times website: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-oregon-college-gunman-torrance-20151001-story.html
    This is the significant part:
    Mercer was among five students listed in the graduating class at Switzer Learning Center, according to a special graduation section published by the Torrance-based newspaper, the Daily Breeze, in 2009.The Switzer Learning Center, also in Torrance, teaches students with special needs, emotional disturbances, autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other issues. According to its website, the school “has a long history of working with children who have been unsuccessful in traditional classrooms because they need the special attention and encouragement that only a school like Switzer can provide.”
    And multiple news sites have confirmed he had Asperger’s.
    Things are not necessarily mutually exclusive, Soop. The fact that he was nuts does not preclude the fact that he may have been a homegrown jihadi. People are still investigating, time will tell.

  • pathfinder

    The IRA was pretty much in bed with the PLO and a lot of communist groups back in the day. A lot of Irishmen weren’t too keen on them (they didn’t like the Brits, but considered the IRA to be not much more than a gang of terrorists and thugs who draped themselves in nationalism and Catholicism, but were the furthest thing from it).

  • pathfinder

    and I don’t think this guy was “nuts”; I think he was a murderous POS (who seemed to glorify other murderous POS, go figure); it’s too easy to chalk it up to “crazy”, and it’s also too easy to chalk it up to some vast conspiracy….some people are just bad; evil exists (and tends to like to hang out with itself)

  • Kelly Zat

    Yeah, they went completely around the bend. At one point they were the associated with the IRB – pre 69 split with the Provisionals. They descended into socialism and terrorism. We have them to thank for the car bomb after all. The splits and splits within splits within splits make the organization quite difficult to track and all of them are lumped within the larger IRA umbrella.

    In this day and age it would just as easy for a disturbed kid to pick them – cool music man – or the Luminoso Sendoroso, or the old Red Army Brigade, whatever as it would be to pick ISIS. At least the old Marxist groups aren’t demanding you give up booze, chicks, pork and various other vices to indulge your insanity and hatreds. Hell FARC and the Sandinistas are pretty much in power again and power appeals to a certain sick mind.

  • pathfinder

    Well, the old Marxist groups may not have cared if you ate pork, but they had plenty of other arbitrary qualifications to get in and stay in (and those could change in the blink of a leader’s eye), and it must be remembered that they were more than happy to encourage the no booze, no pork chops crowd…still do. And they’re right nasty in how they squash dissent; always have been.

    As for “dumb kids”: kids have always done dumb things; we did dumb things….the vast majority don’t wind up murdering people. What has changed is the concept of personal responsibility and thinking at least a small fraction of the time for oneself (but that was never operative either, now was it? not in most of the world). As for the Aspberger’s thing: that’s a cop out too. Vast majority of them don’t go murdering either.
    Nope, I think it’s the simplest, but hardest to swallow, answer that’s the truth: some people are evil. There doesn’t have to be a reason for it; it just is. The only thing that can be done is put the clamp down on groups that encourage this (haha, like that’s going to happen: the media et al worship these suckers; therein lies the real problem).

  • Kelly Zat

    The concept of evil has fallen out of favor for sure as has personal responsibility. My comment about the old Marxist groups possible appeal to a kid like this is that most of these idiots are just that, idiots who look at the surface and do not as you did point out that the leaders of those other groups will turn on you on a dime. Hey, you’re wearing glasses – off with your head.

  • vrajavala


  • vrajavala

    Kid was a mental case; mother a big open carry advocate and an LPN. She bragged about all her guns.
    This a clear case of parental neglect. Also, how did he pass a background check being on all those psych meds?

  • vrajavala

    Had brief contact with Army in 2008. Rejected from basic training. Sooo, recruited into DARPA to be used for future false flags??

  • vrajavala

    He was on psychiatric meds

  • vrajavala

    The fact is that it was a BIG distraction at a time when Obama was being humiliated by Putin who had just begun the air strikes on the “moderate rebels” in Syria. Obama hid out all day until late night when he made his “routine” speech about the Oregon massacre.
    Dr Michael Savage had it all figured out, trust me.

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  • xsnake

    Black Irish, with an attitude.