Prolife groups urge Iowans to support ‘ANYONE but Trump’ in Republican primary!!

Another big story that was lost in the YUGE news-storm over el Trumpo taking his ball and going home from the GOP debate is that many prolife groups are sounding the alarm when it comes to the pro-abortion stances he held for 65 years.

Watch below:

Here’s a statement from the Susan B. Anthony list:

Dear Iowans,

As pro-life women leaders from Iowa and across the nation, we urge Republican caucus-goers and voters to support anyone but Donald Trump. On the issue of defending unborn children and protecting women from the violence of abortion, Mr. Trump cannot be trusted and there is, thankfully, an abundance of alternative candidates with proven records of pro-life leadership whom pro-life voters can support.  We have come to this conclusion after having listened patiently to numerous debates and news reports, but most importantly to Donald Trump’s own words.

They cite his previous endorsement for his pro-abortion sister to the Supreme Court as proof he can’t be trusted:

The next president will be responsible for as many as four nominations to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump has given us only one indication about the type of judges he would appoint, and it does not bode well for those who would like to see the court overturn Roe v. Wade. Mr. Trump has said his sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who struck down the Partial Birth Abortion Ban in New Jersey, would be a “phenomenal” choice for the court.  Earlier this month, Mr. Trump also said he thought pro-choice Senator Scott Brown would make a “very good” Vice President. If one truly believes, as we do, that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life and is committed to the pro-life priorities of ending abortion after five months, and defunding the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, it would be a disaster to have a vice president who disagrees.

Unfortunately for the rest of us who are prolife, many Trump supporters seem impervious to this kind of persuasion.

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