Idiocracy: Cruz Campaign Refutes Video Absurdly Reported As Showing Delegate Payoff!

Yesterday gullible Trump supporters started spreading around one of the dumbest conspiracy theory videos I’ve ever seen.

Here’s one idiot posting it:

Now, before we get the Cruz campaign response let me just say one thing: how stupid are you people? Do you honestly believe that if someone were giving out a bribe to a delegate they would do it in front of an enormous crowd, at a campaign stop? Are you complete and utter morons?

If you shared this video you probably are.

I mean honestly, you have shamed your family and every one of your ancestors by your abject idiocy if you shared that with the dim-witted expectation that it’s actually proof of a bribe.

Anyway, people are so stupid that the Cruz campaign actually had to respond to this crime against reason and logic.

Brian Phillips of the Cruz campaign told The Daily Caller:

“The ‘delegate’ is Bruce Redden, a Cruz staffer, collecting things that people hand Ted Cruz as he shakes hands, signs books, and takes pictures after every event.

The money is a $5 donation that a supporter gave to their small child to hand to the senator, along with a picture the child drew. It was actually a great moment and indicative of the kind of amazing support we have from the grassroots.”

This is how pathetic and ridiculous some Trump supporters are.

And it’s probably going to get worse.

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