Humiliated Sean Hannity Gets Caught Spreading False Trumper Story

Hell froze over today as Sean Hannity actually corrected a false story that he pawned off on his equally gullible listeners on his radio show.

After being humiliated on Twitter, he admitted he had been taken in:

What do you expect when you’re slumming in the online sewer of Trump conspiracy theory sites over at Gateway? What I find more remarkable is the trough of sewage that Hannity has swallowed and then regurgitated to his audience on radio and Fox News over these past months and NEVER apologized for. Why choose this one?

Update: Here’s the audio from his radio show:

But he wasn’t the only idiot taken in – as CNN Money points out:

The deleted-tweets claim could have been disproven by a quick Twitter search.

The progression of events illustrates how fake news stories expand and spread from fringe web sites to nationally syndicated radio shows with millions of listeners. In this case, the fake news originated on a dubious site called “Your News Wire,” which publishes a mix of true, slanted and made-up news. Then, like a game of telephone, by the time the story got to Hannity, even the fake facts were wrong.

The site claimed that “Michelle Obama has scrubbed all references to Hillary Clinton from both of her Twitter accounts” and implied that it was the result of FBI investigations into Clinton.

A thicket of far-right-wing web sites picked up the story and ran with it. Red State Watcher said the news was “breaking!” and News Ninja 2012 said it was “suspicious.” “The rats are jumping ship,” The Gateway Pundit wrote.

This is the perfect example of the false and absurdly stupid stories that these Trump cult morons love to push. They don’t care if it’s real or false because Trump cultists will swallow it up. They don’t issue corrections, they just cash their checks from ad revenue while making Americans more stupid and energizing their tinfoil hat conspiracy echo chambers. No wonder we got Trump as a nominee…