Hannity Pushing DNC Hacking Conspiracy Theory, Russians Are Innocent Victims

Retired Lt. Colonel Tony Schaeffer tells Sean Hannity that it was former members of the NSA that hacked the Democrats and made it look like the Russians. Of course, Hannity loved the idea, since he’s been pushing it for a while now.

Watch below at about the 4:20 minute mark, where Hannity almost wets himself with joy:

I’m not sure why Hannity has such a bug up his Obama to exonerate Putin, but he’s been on this conspiracy theory for a while. Unfortunately for him, Schaeffer doesn’t put the blame on Obama, but he puts it on anti-Hillary Americans who happen to be former NSA or other intelligence officials. This all seems very unlikely to me, but I have to admit the theory is more feasible after a former intelligence official backs it up.

BUT, what makes me very wary of all of these conspiracy theories is one fact – Trump could very easily get evidence of all of this within minutes, and has the power to declassify all of it. So why doesn’t he?

Also, Hannity is a moron.