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Brawl breaks out between Trump and anti-Trump protesters in Huntington Beach

A brawl broke out in Huntington Beach, California between anti-Trump protesters and Trump supporters.

This dude got it on video. Here are some videos and pictures from the protest.

The “pepe” frog is an alt-right meme.

Here’s the video of the brawl.

He posted on this tweet, “Absolute unrest at the #MAGAmarch, anti-Trump protestors defending themselves while being ganged up on by Trump supporters.”

And, “for everyone saying the anti-Trump protestor started it, here’s the beginning of the alteration #MAGAmarch”

I would say if you’re in a march and someone is holding this sign, you’re hanging out with bad people:

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.27.42 PM

Apparently not enough people know what this means – “goyim” is the word for gentiles, or non-jews. This phrase is used in a lot of anti-semitic memes, lately by the alt-right:

goyim know

Trump approved!

I think you can see this guy in the video:

This L.A. Times photographer captured some amazing photos:

  • Robert Evans

    About time Trump supporters defended themselves against Black Bloc.


    Agreed, sad to see fake conservatives like “Poopermexican” root for the leftwing scum though,

  • magic1114

    I hope you’re paying attention low-lifes. People on the right have had enough of your pussy bullying tactics! Time for you to know what broken noses and broken jaws feel like!

  • I do not care or want to be associated with anti Semites in the Alt Right, they are provocateurs too and of a small minority, but Trump supporters were right to defend themselves. https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/260864/

    If you are going to blame all Trump supporters for a small segment of the alt right, then blame all Democrats when their alt left goes off on anti Semitic rants.

  • golfhacker

    The Trump supporters dress as proud Americans. The anti Trump protesters(liberal snowflake socialists) dress as ISIS concealing their identity. That’s all you need to know.

  • Jon

    The anti-Trump protestors’ case is hurt if they actually did come to the rally not just with masks and with pepper spray, but with goggles. People do carry pepper spray to defend themselves, but people carry pepper spray and goggles when they aren’t simply preparing for a ‘just in case” situation, but plan on using the pepper spray and don’t want it to get into their own eyes.

  • Marla Hughes

    It was more than just a few ‘pepes’ according to the Daily Stormer. They even conveniently posted videos of themselves attacking counter protesters. Good company, Trump. Glad I’m still not in that gang.