What the Heck? MSNBC Guest Says Supreme Court Ruling on Prolife the Same as Eugenics and Forced Sterilization?

Earlier today the loons on MSNBC made use of the fact that both of their viewers take long naps in the afternoon, and unleashed a nuclear sized explosion of stupidity.

After a segment detailing the horrendous history of forced sterilizations in America, Melissa Harris Perry brought on some panelists to decry the recent ruling from the Supreme Court protecting the first amendment rights of prolife protesters.

Surprisingly, liberal Irin Carmon went way out in left field to claim that the ruling was akin to eugenics and forced sterilization because of paternalism and women’s bodies and some other irrational prattling. This is even more galling when you know the history of abortion, which itself grew out of the eugenics movement as a tool to eradicate the poor and “undesirable” people in the gene pool.

For an abortion advocate to claim the pro-life movement is akin to eugenics in any way is so laughable, my guffaws woke up one of MSNBC’s regular viewers.

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