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If you wanted to see Obama working out to Yakety Sax, I got your back:

Oh here’s Sandra Fluke’s “Facebook Look Back” video! [THIS VIDEO WAS DELETED BY FACEBOOK! JERKS!!]

Oh look here’s Barack Obama’s “Facebook Look Back” video! [THIS VIDEO WAS DELETED BY FACEBOOK! JERKS!!]

Pimp MackDaddy Senator Menen-DEZZY at the Benghazi Hearing!!!

Here’s a lovely episode of “CrackerPiece Theatre” with Rachel Jeantel

Al Gore explains Sharia Law to Andrea Mitchell:

My Phone Call to the Arizona Department of Justice Illegal Alien Justice Hotline!!!

Obama Makes a VERY Important Phone Call!!!

The Commercial for The SUPREME COURT EXTREME Obamacare SHOWDoooooowwwwn!”

President Mompants Embarrasses Himself and America in front of the Queen of England:

 White House guide to surviving a drone strike!!!

Blak Bloc Occupiers Destroy San Francisco

This video posted by the occupiers themselves needed some sooper commentary to mock their idiocy, and I was more than willing to produce them.

Michael Moore Sings “the Times They Are A-Changin”!!!

The occupiers put out a ridiculous album celebrating their filth and idiocy. Michael Moore contributed, and I mocked it.