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Fast Food Workers at National Convention Say They Can’t Eat on ‘Starvation Wages’ – Pics Say Otherwise

So the socialists are getting together in Chicago to celebrate their laziness, lack of education, and being utterly unskilled enough to earn $15 a hour. Rather than actually learning some marketable skills, they’re going to learn how to force their employers to pay them more through union thug tactics. So we’re making fun of them.

Now usually, I don’t go after someone’s fatness, because, well, that’s an ad hominem. In this case, however…

Ah.. now if you’re gonna whine that you’re on starvation wages, but the majority of workers at your convention look like they’re poster children for the diabeetus, well, you’re kinda bringing it upon yourself. SO here we go, gringos:

I guess I got the official @FightFor15PA account angry, because they responded by trying to shove a misleading statistic at me:

But, if you spend just 30 seconds actually reading the study, it says that very few of these fast food workers actually completed college, which is what they were objecting to:

Now, many are trying to get through their education, which is perfectly noble, and also, you don’t need a college education as long as you have marketable skills. However, I still think the facts show that many of these workers are stuck in these jobs because they haven’t completed a worthwhile education.

Another stupid argument they make is to tell everyone how much the CEOs of these companies make. But if you actually do the math of how much each employee would make if you stole the CEO’s entire wage and spread it around, it comes out to cents per hour.

That was just the first day of the “historic” national convention of fast food worker agitating to force a pay raise instead of earning it. If you want me to continue collecting my tweets, make sure to share this post!

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