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When Chris Kyle Talked About Knocking Out Jesse Ventura for Insulting Soldiers

This is the best news I’ve heard in a long long time…

Apparently Jesse Ventura was stupid enough to tell another former Navy Seal that, “you murder children and deserve to lose some guys”. Anyone should be praised for defending our country if they served in the military, including Jesse Ventura, but that is such a disgusting belief, I’m glad Chris did what he did, which is knock him on his Obama!

Thank you so much Chris Kyle, you’re an American HERO!

Remember this is the Chris Kyle that is referred to as the “most lethal sniper in US military history”.

Meanwhile, Jesse Ventura wanted to be Ron Paul‘s running mate, is a truther, and moved to Mexico because he hates America so much.

A funny comment from a twitter friend:

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I’m so grateful, I may just buy his book!

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  • mw

    What an ignorant thug you are. Some murderer and goon “knocks out” a 62 year old. Jesse Ventura is a great American. You are a chump.

  • mw

    So this tough guy runs after hitting a 62 year old? What a coward, who does indeed murder innocent people. The Nazis had many ignorant thugs like Kyle killing for them too. O and A are idiot shock jocks. Classless people.

  • Guest

    Jesse Ventura is a shady individual who’s known for his political corruption. His only allegiance is to his own ego. He’s such a “great American” that he’s now living in Mexico…. gtfo