Trayvon Tragedy Outrage Masks the Real Threat to African-Americans

Liberal leftists fail at everything having to do with governance, except the worst aspects of it. One of the things they excel at, is the denial of obvious evils for the sake of distractions that serve their agenda. Let us consider the tragedy of Trayvon Martin.

Shelby Steele brilliantly captures the mendacity of the left:

The civil rights community and the liberal media live by the poetic truth that America is still a reflexively racist society, and that this remains the great barrier to black equality. But this “truth” has a lot of lie in it. America has greatly evolved since the 1960s. There are no longer any respectable advocates of racial segregation. And blacks today are nine times more likely to be killed by other blacks than by whites.

If Trayvon Martin was a victim of white racism (hard to conceive since the shooter is apparently Hispanic), his murder would be an anomaly, not a commonplace. It would be a bizarre exception to the way so many young black males are murdered today. If there must be a generalization in all this—a call “to turn the moment into a movement”—it would have to be a movement against blacks who kill other blacks. The absurdity of Messrs. Jackson and Sharpton is that they want to make a movement out of an anomaly. Black teenagers today are afraid of other black teenagers, not whites.

[emphasis added, read the rest here]

To be exact, the shameful truth is that 93% of African-American murders are committed by other African-Americans. That is breathtakingly awful when you consider how incensed the African-American community is about the Trayvon tragedy, no matter what you believe about Zimmerman’s guilt.

Let’s do the gruesome math, not out of morbidity, but because it manifests the incredible self-centered insanity of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

8,000-9,000 African-Americans are murdered each year.

93% of them by other African-Americans.

That’s 7,905 (from average)

That’s 21.65 murdered each day by other African-Americans.

And these racebaiting culture-hustling microphone-pimps only get riled up when a “White Hispanic” kills an African-American? It’s absolutely shameful.


— el SOOPer (@SooperMexican) April 13, 2012


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  • Is it maybe about money and power?

  • If blacks don’t want to better themselves ! It’s on them ! Tired of cry me a river black news every day, every year, year after freakin year. 80% of black homes have no fathers in them. The kids find love in gangs,then kill each other. There are many other races out there, that don’t cry every day ! So why is one race treated with kid gloves.

  • “On a cold and gray Chicago morning, another little baby child is born…in the ghetto…and his mama cries”. Mac Davis.

  • Marine72

    The baby cries as the forceps are forced into its brain effecting the classic “Late Term Abortion” promised by NOW/UnPlanned Parenthood’s eugenicists and functionaries of the democrap party. Why-o-why does 12% of the population result in 38% of UPP’s 380,000+ abortions per year. Racial cleansing, racial genocide, or Margaret Sanger’s democrap genetic improvement plan??   

  • No_Limit_Ni_ggas

    15 % of blacks are human beings.  The rest are leeches or vicious animals.

  • No_Limit

    And his momma spit him out for a “pay raise” on welfare.

  • JOE


  • Robert Argiz

     There still doubts on the true identity of George Zimmerman expressed through words such as “apparently” when it should be clear that he is NOT a white man.  He is the son of a Peruvian mother and a Jewish father and this why his name is George Zimmerman.  I don’t know what’s exactly behind by presenting him as white, but I suspect that there are people interested on creating a conflict between whites and blacks which could provoke a violent confrontation based solely on race.  The US does not need a “race war.”  What it needs is class war against the few who are responsible for the mess the US and the world is in now.  The common enemy is the Zionist and any member of the common people including working class whites.  When are you going to face reality?   The enemy want us to kill each other off while they work to implement their agenda to enslave us all.  Think about this…

  • Mike123

    cacs think yall slick
    funny that people fall for this horseshit

  • DeLeon

    Very well said Sooper … I think that J Jackson and Sharpton are more complacent with taking home a paycheck than with actually making an impact on the Community.

  • Rahsaan Hall

    This was a totally irrelevant article . This article is the equivalent of a child saying “All my friends do it dad”. Evidently “Super Mexican” is not that super after all . We understand the ailments that plague the black community ; the latino community is not far behind . But trying to talk some sense into a dummy is non and void . And by the way I am not a liberal . So say what you want but a black life doesn’t have the same value as a white life in America . From black people’s perspectives or white people’s . But we will be ok . Slavery , murder , mayhem , and Jim Crow and we are still here . The Indians are on reservations … We are everywhere . We will have our day .

  • 1proactive2

    Make that 5% of blacks being human beings. The rest defend pavement apes like Martin along with voting for the empty suit on Pennsylvania Avenue, obambi. He received about 95% support from blacks.

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