Occupy Wall Street

Honest Plea to “Guitarmy” Occupiers – Quit Before Someone Gets Hurt

I’ve been giving this Occupy march a lot of grief, and they probably won’t think I’m being sincere, but I am. Over the last four days the leaders and organizers have shown themselves incapable of planning this event. This is putting the young men and women who are protesting with them in danger, and I’m not the only one to notice it:



This what they’ve gone through:

  • Had to call police to eject a violent person
  • Didn’t plan enough food
  • Didn’t plan enough water
  • Had one marcher go through a “major breakdown”
  • Kicked out of Quaker farm for being loud and drunk
  • Organizers Accused of racism by one of their members
  • One member stepped on a nail
  • Couldn’t secure accommodations and slept on crime-ridden Trenton streets
  • Marchers upset at overbearing organizers
  • Ignored weather warnings leaving them in a tropical storm without cover
  • Tonight, they’re scrounging for a place to stay because of “miscommunication”

They still have 60 miles to go, and have about 40 marchers left. Given the paltry coverage this event has gotten and how few are participating, for the safety of everyone involved, the Occupy Wall Street community should shut this down.