Tonight, “feminists” gathered in Washington DC to celebrate 40 years of Roe vs. Wade, and 50 million dead children. You’d think it might be a somber event, but no, these molech-worshippers are partying down on those infant graves!! Kid-killing advocate Barack Obama could not attend, but he sent a warm video greeting to the assembled bloodthirsty partiers, assuring them that he’d do everything in his power to secure the death of as many children as humanly [or otherwise] possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if this “comedian” intended the double-meaning:

Because what’s funnier than killing children, right?


Either new Naral president Ilyse Hogue loved the “killing” joke, or it went right over her head.

I think she aborted her ability to argue logically. Just because you slam a “therefore” between two otherwise unrelated statements doesn’t mean you got an argument. MORE HILARITY about Infanticide!!

Wow.. literally identifying women with abortion:

This shouldn’t be too surprising, given what prolifer Andrew Bair noted in a video from the new president of NARAL:

Abortion is “foundational for everything we want to achieve,” and is a “proxy”, or stand-in, for women’s place in the world.  Another attendee at the infanticide banquet tweeted this earlier:

Silly conservatives, death is for babies, not for murderers and rapists!!

This factsheet was passed around at the banquet:

Quick math.. if 4 out of ten of unintended pregnancies are aborted, and they aim to abort every single unintended pregnancy, and there have been 50 million abortions since Roe vs Wade, then Molech missed out on 75 million child sacrifices. No wonder his worshippers are so angry all the time!!

“Their end is destruction, their bellies are their God, their glory is in their shame…” Phillipians 3:19

Correction: in tweets for this post, I incorrectly noted Lizz Winstead as a writer for the Daily Show. Apparently she doesn’t do that anymore.
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2 Responses to Feminists, Leftists Celebrate 40 Years of Infanticide at Banquet Honoring Molech

  1. [...] President Baby-Killer is set to address the gala of death today, after recently providing some warm words via video at their 40th celebration of sacrificing children to their ever hungry god, Molech. [...]

  2. Leila Peterson says:

    “Feminists” are not women, they’re copulating trolls who spread the poison of their twisted ideology to the ignorant, believing that they’re championing females everywhere. They’re not. A woman is a strong and ethical being with the maturity to honor the life within them. If for some reason they absolutely cannot raise the child they procreated, they place their progeny for adoption.

    Abortion is murder.

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