The Superbowl Commercial You MISSED!! “So God Made a LIBERAL”

We at the soopermexy blog tried to raise the millions of dollars it would take to run our 3 minute commercial during the superbowl, and we did manage to raise quite a sum. But we just ordered a buncha tacos with it. Sorry.

Anyway! Here’s the commercial:


Thanks to Matt Dawson at @SaintRPH for originating the idea, and co-writing!!


Thanks to everyone re-posting and make our video go viral! We’re almost to a million views, and Dana Perino and Eric Bolling featured the video on ‘the Five’ show!!

UPDATE! We hit a million views!!! Thanks!!!

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Gateway Pundit
Fox News!
Tammy Bruce Show
The Right Scoop
Smitty at the Other McCain [great description]


  1. yuk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t think liberals wear panties…that’s why the poop keeps right on shooting out of them so quickly—no strainer! Ugh! Just the thought makes me cringe.

  3. So true. God help us.

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  5. Many of our politicians can be equated to baby diapers in many ways. You are irresponsible if you don’t monitor them with great frequency and change them when needed for the very same reasons.

  6. Post a thought, that insults no-one, that is not vile or threatening, but does not agree with a liberal view point and you will receive un-imaginable filth and threats. It makes me if it was God that made a liberal or if it was that other fellow.

  7. Sounds more like it was made by a bunch of Teabaggers who’s panties were, and always seem to be, in a bunch.

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  9. “For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing” Edmund Burke

    You got that Rufus70?! Are you so surprised you fool that the majority of the US citizenry do not desire to become children of the proletariat, neither to become subjects of a regime and that these people (you are obviously not part of) are fighting for the survival of this nation? I gladly buy you a one-way ticket to a destiny anywhere in the world where you can live under oppressed communist/socialist rule.

  10. This video proves most creative talent is typically liberal…The most boring tripe I’ve ever seen.

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  12. lets keep them unaware, stupid,arogant,crural, evil, bull shitter, unatractive, give me, and just down right mad at everything and everyone. Some one who has no honor and just thinks of themselves that is a liberal progressive

  13. this video made my day and put a smile on my face

  14. Then he said !! I need someone to EAT the liberals so he made the Moslems.and when done eating the liberals they would want to eat everyone else including their own !!

  15. This commercial wouldn’t make the TOSH comedy show let alone the superbowl.Ouch.

  16. Watch what u wish for, maybe he’ll do the right thing and take away you idiots.

  17. Let me help! Let me help? Maybe Rufus70 will take some friends with him! His response is soooo typical, radical liberalism. I’d even suggest some other libs to go with him. Please?

  18. Ditto, marylu.

  19. The Rufus70 is as blind, stupid, and non-caring as the video characters ARE.


  20. This is the best video I have seen in years – the producer nails “Progressives (Lieberals) to the wall and I enjoyed every second of it. Send it to every one you know!!!

  21. I’ve thought of all this, but glad someone was smart enough to put it on a video.

  22. Why do liberals always change terms. It is Tea Party, not teabaggers. OK—asshole!!!

  23. Laughing my head off…………

  24. As a small business owner that serves other small businesses, I see things differently. I’ve watched my business shrink tremendously over the past five years. I would love to hire back the employees I have had to let go. Three employees are all that is left and as profits slide, our corporate taxes have dropped to an all time low. The government loses, when businesses lose!

  25. AMEN!! God Bless America.

  26. U still don’t see the TRUTH, do you, sonny?

  27. u are catching on, sonny. anything is better than a lib, sonny.

  28. yet your party thinks its ok to make movies and write books about killing “w”. just stupid.

  29. It indeed tells the Truth.

  30. Bug off, LIBTARD.

  31. All this proves, we still have freedom of speech, to rant and rave.

  32. WOW!! Sooooo STUPID!

  33. Libbies should love this!
    It features all the famous lefty faces – – from the Chicago thug to the homophobe actor to the Ultimate First Victim to the demented, botoxed congresswoman from San Francisco.
    This is truly the bar scene from Star Wars only with nuttier freaks who are destroying America as they laugh on their way to their quack docs to get free lobotomies under Nobamascare.
    The question is, how did all these misfits escape the asylum at the same time?

  34. What will you do if just by chance the actions of the left create an environment where people that believe in the Constitution decide to just take power?

  35. Obama is doing just fine funding corporate America. Look at the billions he’s wasted on energy programs that help to line his pockets. Bet you’ve yet to see any of it. You just keep shuckin an jiving for the Mastah and Moochelle.

  36. God musta been angry then! LOL!

  37. lol love it

  38. go back to europe cracker

  39. Spoken w/ a soft voice, the truth comes out loud & clear.

  40. Spoken in a quiet voice the truth rings out loud & clear.

  41. liberals need to go live with there muslim brothers in pakastan or iran.

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