After Rand Paul’s heroic and epic filibuster yesterday, I had hoped other Republican wouldn’t be so stupid and envious as to attack him, but I knew better.

Today South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham came out with this chart to mock Rand Paul:


Here’s the chart he should have consulted instead:


17 Responses to The Chart Lindsay Graham Should Have Actually Used

  1. Lindsay must’ve ordered extra dessert and felt guilty??

  2. Charity says:

    I can’t get over how blind these establishment guys are. Even a constitutional ophthalmologist couldn’t open their eyes.

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  4. cristo52 says:

    Dumb as a bag of hammers. He and McCain ought to pick up and go live in Ted’s cabin in the woods.

  5. They totally missed the point!! Graham is a former prosecutor!! WTF???

  6. Sam Grasso says:

    So there have been 0 Killings Mr Paul wanted to find out if the number is going to stay that way

  7. Ringtail Badger says:

    0 is also the number of times Senator Rino here has had his butt groped by the TSA in order to get on a plane.

  8. mikeh420 says:

    Maybe it’s still zero because they haven’t started using drones on us. Yet.

  9. ReaganiteRepublican says:

    Nice work Sooper, linked here

    The Adventures of Juan -n- Linseed

  10. Dapandico says:

    Windsey, your days as a Senator from SC are numbered.

  11. ConMom says:

    [...] The Chart Lindsay Graham Should Have Actually Used [...]

  12. flagged says:

    As Levin calls them, J-Linds, they have no clue, and they should supported the Tea Party Senators.

    Rand Paul, Ted Cruz….even Rep Louis Gohmert and a few other House members were taking those two to school, and they still missed the whole point. Pure geniuses, Not!

    Those two need ride on out of town and take Rove with them.

  13. [...] The Chart Lindsay Graham Should Have Actually Used [...]

  14. Hey you remember that house that blew up down the road a few weeks ago………. They blamed it on a Gas Leak…. Yea ain’t that a riot?

  15. Ell Juero dice !” No hay mejor!”

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