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Out-Of-Touch Elitists: 10 Pathetically Stupid Shopping Mistakes Democrats Made in the SNAP Challenge!

One of the most egregious deficits of logic among the left is their stubborn insistence that Obama has brought back the economy to health, while millions more Americans are on food stamps. Enrollment in food stamps has grown 65% from 2008 to 2012, while spending on the program has more than doubled in the same span.

House Republicans are proposing that $20 billion be cut from the program over the next ten years, which would come to about 2.5% per year – and liberals are going absolutely insane.

Democrats have begun a ridiculous campaign called the “SNAP Challenge” where they try to live on the average SNAP benefit per person. Keep in mind the very first letter of the program – it’s supposed to be supplemental, not the only source of nutrition.

Even so, the Democrats’ pathetic antics in failing at his simple task that many Americans fulfill without assistance has brought on many an occasion for ridicule. Here are the worst and stupidest offenders of their shopping task failure:





These Democrats are really hamming it up – it’s like they all sat down and watched Shindler’s List before their photo ops. Representative Grisham (D-NM) looks especially pathetic here, but why are none of her groceries in bags? She’s so faux poor, she can’t even afford plastic bags. Poor thing!




We really feel bad for Representative Veasey (D-TX) – apparently he hasn’t figured out that buying and preparing food in bulk is cheaper and more efficient than stupidly buying food for each day that same day.

Who put this genius in charge of the nation’s purse strings?! Get it together, Fort Worth!!




This is so laughably stupid I am just shocked that anyone falls for the fake sob story. Massachusetts is surely proud of Jimmy McGovern, democratically representing everyone in his district that has absolutely no clue how to turn on a stove and make a quesadilla.

Jimbo, splurge on some Jalapenos and veggies, and you’ll have a great breakfast! Oh wait, you want to appear pathetic and stupid because you think Americans are unable to fend for themselves even when the government is paying their way. RepMcGovern

Also, get up 2 minutes earlier and grate your own cheese. Saves you 30-50% on the price, but you actually have to get off your butt. Maybe hold off for Uncle Sam to do it for you instead.




Wisconsin must have been very happy to rid itself of their democrat Mark “Einstein” Pocan, because they shipped him off to the US House of Representatives to flail about ignorantly. First thing he does is buy pre-made burgers – 2 for $6!!

Even when democrats are trying to pretend to understand the poor, they can’t do it!! Not only are these burgers much more expensive than making your own from ground beef and buns, but it’s a brand name pre-made food!! This is getting painful.


Pocan actually was proud of himself because the Boca burgers were on sale! LOL!





Another entry from Massachusetts is Jamie Eldridge, State Senator, who really tugged at our heartstrings by retweeting this pic of a SNAP challenger and self identified “Healthcare Leader.” He made sure to pull the shades and make it seem like he’s imprisoned in a gulag. My heart is bleeding for you, black and white ennui food sufferer!!

After I pointed this out on twitter, they kindly responded to my very civil and constructive criticism.




Ok look, soda is bad for you, and Mountain Dew is one of the worst. But don’t sit there and whine that you’re having to drink water – oh you poor thing, how do you manage? Representative Donald Payne Jr. (D-NJ) really tries to elicit sympathy because he couldn’t budget and save 99 cents to buy a liter of Mountain Dew.

For one thing, he could have bought ramen instead of brand name lunch noodles. Or maybe even, horror of horrors, actually prepare something instead of lazily buying something you just toss hot water into. Sweet Quetzalcoatl.

donald payne


One last option – you could buy kool-aid packets for 15 cents each and make your own. Unfortunately, it would require you to mix powder in water. Wouldn’t want you to strain yourself, Rep. Payne.





john c liu


I have been all sorts of poor in my life and I have never…. ever.. not once… eaten out of a campbell’s soup can. New York City Mayoral hopeful John C. Liu has seen way too many hobo scenes in movies from the fifties because he thinks this tear-inducing picture is representative of the plight of the poor.

Here’s an extra photo op tip, Johnny – don’t try to make people feel sorry for you while you sit in the back of your spacious limousine and force your aide to take a picture of you!




I’m really running out of jokes – these pictures are so obscenely ridiculous and insulting to regular Americans.

Doris Matsui (D-CA) perfectly represents the idiocy currently reigning in my beloved California. So you’re budgeting $4.50 a day and you’re eating a piece of dry toast and one egg? Did you purchase that egg second hand from Representative Donald Payne (see below) and screw up your entire budget? Are we to really believe she couldn’t have doubled up on toast and eggs for a few paltry pennies and stick some cheese in there?


She should be ashamed that she could post this and believe Americans are stupid enough to buy it, but it’s actually working pretty well. Stupid liberals.



Look, Whole Foods is a great store, but there’s a reason they dysphemistically call it “Whole Paycheck” stores. You don’t shop there if you’re on a budget unless you’re really obviously trying to fail at budgeting. Which is what Matthew Wright is doing:


TWO BANANAS. Look closely – he bought TWO bananas for the same price that I buy a dozen bananas! And ONE apple?! WHY are you buying ONE apple?! Luckily Matt isn’t a legislator – he’s just a dimwitted advocate for “children’s health issues.” He didn’t respond to my spirited criticism.


And the FINAL and GREATEST stupidity committed by a liberal participating in the SNAP Challenge that real Americans absolutely avoid is….



donald payne-egg1

For my money, you just can’t beat the idiocy that keeps comin’ out of Representative Donald Payne Jr. For his very first day, instead of buying a dozen eggs and boiling one or two for breakfast, the pride of New Jersey actually purchased ONE EGG… for $1.08. ONE. EGG. And his constituents praised him for his “compassion” on his facebook page for it!!!

We are doomed, America, but at least we’ll have a great time laughing at the idiots in charge while our country collapses under their brilliant leadership!

These are just a few examples and don’t come close to exposing the iceberg of stupidity that liberals are dropping in the twitter hashtag #SNAPchallenge. Go see for yourself!

Also, for a more erudite analysis of the challenge, see Kristina Ribali’s great column at Freedomworks, and for a pretty hilarious audio where we utterly destroy the premises behind this campaign, listen to our podcast!

UPDATE: New VIDEO! The First Sooper Mexy COOKING Show!! A Taco-Takedown of the SNAP Challenge!!

SOURCE for graphic stats: Dept of Agriculture

  • Jeffrey Bennett

    This PR campaign shows how stupid they think the public at large is, when it’s really only the people who vote for them who are that dumb. It also showcases the fiscal mentality that got us $17 trillion into debt. They probably think Whole Foods IS the discount store. And hey, lots of needy folks manage to stretch food stamps by eating out of cans in their limos, right?

  • mikegiles

    There’s a rather well known All State commercial, where the announcer sames that the young lady is on a budget, a “Ramen noodles every night budget”. Obviously it so well known that those are a cheap meal, that the commercial had no need to explain what they meant. Do these people actually shop for themselves – or do they normally just hand the list to one of their staff and have them do it. BTW, did any of these people go to college? Ramen noodles is a dorm room staple. And I was born poor and raised poor. I can never once in my life remember eating soup out of a can, because you can’t. Campbell’s canned soup is concentrated; you need to dilute it with water. Oh yeah, and heat it up!

  • Ann

    Just made 20 pounds of spaghetti for less than $20. Go figure.

  • Ricardo Montalbán

    It is weird that stores are pricing block and shredded cheese the same these days.

  • Ricardo Montalbán

    My dad and I were pretty poor for awhile, and we had to live off of food stamps for a period of time. He got around that making a soup, called http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borscht. He substituted beets for potatoes. It was a pretty good soup, made cheaply and went far.

  • Bee

    A lot of folks visiting this site seem to forget that SNAP is not just for mexican folks, it’s for folks like me, too! I had my husband put me in a wheelchair, then find a newer model to abuse, the house being forclosed on, no job in this here county, one of the poorest in PA. I was trying to get back into college, there are no jobs for High-Grads around here. I can’t afford to keep or fill my car, eviction robs you of all your stuff (sorry, SNAP doesn’t buy new dishes, or paper goods, plastic ware, cookware, or soap, or hygiene products – any need to go on, really? – water doesn’t clean your laundry, skin, hair, bum), and if you just make enough to pay your utils and have to beg someone to take you into town while they tell you you have to fill their tank – no way, you say? ever gone hungry and live in an area with undrinkable water where the well is poisoned with ecoli? – bleach you say? – sorry, SNAP doesn’t pay for that either , where do you go without d/p for rent or utils after this? Without electric, not even water for the toilet or rinsing dirty clothes…hm, wonder why? – well it runs on a well pump! What is that you say, it’s supposed to be supplemental only? Guess again! If you go just a penny over the threshold because of medical bills, doctors, etc. And what is that someone there said? get rid of that internet? – well, without it I can’t pay my bills (can’t afford checks, trips into town, so direct pay by phone or internet is IT!) and when you really sit down and add up being able to tell folks you are still alive without racking up a long distance bill, getting the want-ads online without having to go into town to check them daily (yeah, you guessed it, without paying for that tank of gas ever time), checking all the local governement announcements and (yup, right again) want ads as well as trying to find someplace in town that doesn’t sit by a “cliff side” or has nothing but stairs or (imagine that, there is actually a building or two around here that have the ever-failing elevator, so they are not safe for me and my chair!) so I dont have to pay that tank of gas, Well if I find that, or even better if I find that by the school so I don’t have to quit that one too…we may get a genuine “wheelie dance”!!!! Shame on some of you for looking at this so one-sided!!! But don’t ever think I am going to quit trying as long as I have a dime after the utilities bills left to continue to hunt for job and home! For what’s the option? Homelessness? So some of you can scoff at those that foot the bill to pay for my rack? NO way! (BTW, $79 is the cheapest for internet that requires a line out here, satelite is for the rich, and this is the ONLY provider out here!) SO enjoy your cooled homes, my AC and heat are not running until temps hit uper 90s or lower 40s (yup, read right, but this ole house still costs a chunk, no insulation and no money for window a/c for the one room that has a door.) I may not have much, but I am still hanging on thanks to SNAP! (And, yes, you guessed right again: I do eat out of a can quite often, it’s safer than washing dishes without soap with ecoli-laced water!) SO HOW’s THAT FOR A “SOB STORY”, huh? Riches to rags, baby, and all courtesy of the “X”! (Yup, shouldn’t have moved when he insisted, at least I had friends in the city I lived in before!) Enjoy your supper, folks….here but for the grace of God go you! So don’t forget to say a thank-you prayer tonight! Me, I have to wait until the bank repo man arrives, and the alimony that is just a penny over stops in a few months….lol…then I will be eligible for a shelter. At least then I get to stop paying the bills (let’s hope, or maybe not? – I may end up in jail – and that could mean “3squares” A/C, TV, phone, medical care….wow…sounds like heaven! And they wonder why it is impossible to find a(n) honest (wo)man…I wonder)

  • Bee

    Oh, shucks, did I forget to mention that the “x” took the appliances? Yup, you try that one for a while! But I bet my post won’t hit the printing presses…LOL.
    God bless ya’ll!

  • Bee

    Oh, gee whiz, was my post too long? or did someone not like it?

  • Bee

    Oh, whatever, this is an ole shoe anyhow. Just remember that not all SNAP etc. goes to Mexicans…I am out here without drinkable water, begging for a ride, no place to go with my wheelchair that’s accessible. So keep enjoying your blessings, ya’ll!

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  • GrandLarsenE

    Actually, when I was a kid, Campbell’s CHUNKY Chicken Noodle was different than today. The broth was thick, and it had mushrooms instead of carrots and celery. It was so good I ate it straight from the can. Not today’s version, though. That guy is an idiot.

  • FredKey

    Why, I routinely pay $12.96 for a dozen eggs! Gold-dusted kiwi eggs are worth any price, my good man!

  • BlahBlah

    It’s hard eating for $4.50 a day when you’re so busy and have no time to cook. Oh wait. People on food stamps don’t work. Why is it that no one thought of providing personal chefs?

  • Nora Bora

    So we’re encouraging a diet of ramen, doritos, and cheap fast food?

  • loveshiandsid

    Uh, no …
    you support squandering money, by those who have it – nice! – and those who do not – not nice.
    When I pay for someone else to feed their children, and it is not a true emergency, I do so at the expense of my own children. Higher taxes? My kids did not get camp.
    And gee, everything we worked for 35+ years is going to a baby mama we do not know, never finished high school and believes it is our obligation to support HER bad choices.
    Nora – food stamp people buy nothing but ramen, doritos and fast food. (Stand behind one someday in the grocery store … not that you have ever been in a grocery store). They could not cook a meal if their life depended on it

  • Nora Bora

    My comment was in response to Paul’s about college students knowing how to shop on a budget.

    And wow! Why don’t we make some assumptions of random peeps we’ve never met.

    For your information, I am from a family were we did get aid for food and worked in a supermarket where 75% of the customers used food stamps. They used it it to buy mainly meats and bread.

    Are there people that abuse the system? Yes. There needs to be better regulation or harsher penalties for those who abuse their privileges.

    But pardon me, someone grew up an mostly straight-A student, working two jobs and paying her way through a full-time college program from an immigrant family that depended on assistance programs for a few years could not possibly understand what goes on.

    I am thankful for the aid I received and am thankful that my family no longer need it and will not deny it to good people that do.

  • seala

    They are not worth the prison term you would get for eating a kiwi egg -gold dusted or not

  • kylez

    I love how that bonehead above mentions in the comments that there are 860,000 recipients of SNAP in New Jersey, which looking it up now, has a population of over 8.6 million. Almost ten percent of the population, but an extremely high percentage I’m sure of the black communities (of which Camden and Newark rank among the worst in the nation).

  • suebrowcounty

    1 can of veggies is 88 cents at walmart, a dozen eggs is 118.00, and 5 lbs of rice is very cheap. Tomato paste two for a dollar. These people have no clue how to budget themselves yet we give them the power to spend the taxpayers money? Never took a dime of government money but had to budget like I was on welfare when I first got out of college. It was very do-able. If these headline grabbers had any sense they would show the less informed how to do it so you get the most nutrition for your dollar. Now that would be useful.

  • Nan

    The point you’re missing is that food stamps are ever increasing. When I went back to school, I was advised to apply for food stamps and other programs because I’d have a low income; I chose not do do so because I didn’t need it and don’t believe that’s what it was designed for. Nor did I need a food shelf. Even during periods of unemployment, I have been able to eat. I can take $20 to Aldi and get what I need for a week or more including fruit, vegetables and meat.

    I know able-bodied people who can’t be bothered to work and who rely on food stamps and medical assistance as they live with others; no medical reason for the unemployment, sheer laziness and entitlement syndrome.

  • Nan

    Don’t give them ideas!

  • Nora Bora

    And you were missing the point that I was trying to make. Economy goes down, people lose jobs, more people go on food stamps. When you have to pick between quantity and quality when on food stamps, you can’t be surprised if they go for the cheaper/more filling option.

    Maybe not everyone goes on food stamps right away – people have savings – but when those dwindle out it wouldn’t be a surprise if they turned to food stamps too. Then there are stories like those belonging to wal-mart employees who work but are not paid enough to care for their families.

    The problem here is that we are both going off personal experience. The system is not perfect – there will always be people who go out of their way to find loopholes and exploit it – but it does more good to those in need over those who use it to enable their own laziness.

    The people you speak of probably also claim disability and take advantage/abuse other government programs as well because… (points below)


    Able-bodied adults without dependents may only receive 3 months of food stamp benefits during a 3 year period.

    76% of households on food stamps include a child, elderly person, or a disabled person.

    Food Stamp fraud has been cut by three quarters over the past fifteen years.

    82% of Food Stamp households with working-age non-disabled adults are employed within a year.

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