Thin-Skinned Much? ‘Ready For Hillary’ PAC Lawyer Takes Aim At My Clinton Logo Parodies

When the “Ready for Hillary” political action committee ramped up their efforts to energize an otherwise anemic base for Hillary’s presidential campaign, many in the blogosphere used the opportunity to mock the creepy logo they ran with. One such sarcastic blogger was your handsome neighborhood Mexican, also known as SooperMexican.

These are my parody versions of the logo:


And also these:

HLLARY-DREADY2-small HILLARY-BengHazi-sticker1-BUMPER-small

It seems that Hillary’s PAC didn’t appreciate the good-natured ribbing, as they armed up their lawyers to demand the photoshopped designs be erased from the internet.

This is the text of the email I received in regards to the parody logos:

Dear CafePress Member,

Thank you for using CafePress!

In accordance with our Intellectual Property Rights Policy, James Lamb on behalf of Ready for Hillary PAC provided us with a notice stating that your use of the “Ready for Hillary” logo and “3 flag logo” infringes upon their intellectual property rights (copyright).  Please click here for more information about intellectual property.

Accordingly, we have set the content that is alleged to infringe the rights of the third party to “pending status” which disables said content from being displayed in your shop or purchased by the public.

If you believe that you hold the rights to the content alleged to infringe the rights of the third party, we encourage you to contact the alleged rights holder directly for a resolution to this matter.  Below please find the contact information for the party alleging infringement.

James Lamb

Sandler Reiff Young & Lamb, P.C.

[contact info redacted]
We apologize for any inconvenience that our actions may cause you.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


 Lindsay Moore
Intellectual Property Manager

[contact info redacted]

I just have to wonder… if a simple photoshop mockery can get under the skin of the Hillary prezzy campaign 3 years before the election, how are they gonna deal with some real pressure?

Frankly, this just makes me want to make more photoshop logos!

  • General Zhukov

    Brilliant. But this assumes that Obama won’t executive order himself a third term.

  • ScienceABC123

    Allow me,

    Dear James Lamb of Sandler Reiff Young & Lamb, P.C. As you are undoubtedly aware “political satire” has been recognized by the US Supreme Court has protected under the 1st Amendment. GO POUND SAND Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

  • ScienceABC123

    Drat! It’s a two year old article. I wasted a good retort.

  • ParisParamus

    Defense fund Fund Anything campaign. NOW.

  • MistahTibbs

    Please, oh please tell me your response was similar to
    “Thank you for your concerns in regards to my recent speech which is clearly protected under the first amendment. As is my response.




  • Nov-cubed

    Negatory! I rec’d both of your posts.

  • Ron Stanford

    “I just have to wonder… if a simple photoshop mockery can get under the skin of the Hillary prezzy campaign 3 years before the election, how are they gonna deal with some real pressure?”

    Very good point. Huh – it’s less that 21 months until the election.

  • Ron Stanford

    If Obama planned a violent overthrow of the government, he would have treated the military and police FAR better.

  • Matt_SE

    15% approval. That’s not gonna get Generalissimo Obama very far.

  • Ron Stanford

    Of course, it is possible that Obama believes members of the military are all low level morons who are too stupid to question orders.

  • lumpenproletariat

    It just further shows that Queen Pantsuits is an angry, intolerant and spiteful creature. Can you imagine even Obama, George Bush or Bill Clinton getting so worked up about the countless parodies of them? Hell, Bill would probably go over and autograph one, congratulating the author for a good job on the likeness. They always disarmed the enemy, rather than showed how threatened they were by them.

    Hillary has never, ever understood other people. They can’t hide her narcissistic difficulties. Let her speak for a minute and she gives it all away. No amount of redacting and deleting, silencing and intimidating, can change the fact that Hillary as a candidate is simply unlikeable.

  • Arson Wells

    yeah so

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  • Tyrconnell

    Article posted August 17th, 2013, just now getting attention.

  • Days_of_Noe

    Which is EXACTLY what he plans to do. Those that deny it aren’t keeping up with current events.

    Marxists do NOT cede power and Obama is most definitely a Marxist. The only argument I get from my premise has to do with “conspiracy theory” and “racism.” Neither are true or relevant and neither address the very real actions of this regime. It’s an idiot’s retort to subjects they can’t or (voluntarily) won’t take the time to research and understand.

  • Days_of_Noe

    I got caught in the funnel web too. However, the topic is still timely under the present circumstances.

  • creeper

    Well, it was news to me.