SooperPodcast #65! Sooper-Schadenfreude, Football Presser, and BaldwinMania!


We recorded this right after Obama’s press conference where he admits defeat, and you can’t control the glee and happiness in Soopermexican’s voice. We also talk about Alec Baldwin going nuts, and other stuff. With @DefendWallst and @SaintRPH!!

 You simply must listen, or you’re a racist!!!

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Some articles we discussed on this podcast!

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  • BigGator5

    Just now listening to the podcast, thanks!

    The idea behind the Individual Mandate, is that you have to buy an ACA approved plan or you pay “the tax.” Justice John Roberts ruled it a tax! You cannot not enforce a tax, because SCOTUS has already ruled that not uniformly enforcement of a tax is 16 Amendment unconstitutional. After the Employment Mandate debacle goes down during the midterms, people are going realize (if they managed to to stay on the individual market) that they have to pay “the tax” in 2015.

    Bitch about Justice Roberts’ ruling all you want, but he did more harm to Obama by upholding ObamaCare. If he had stuck it down, Single Payer would have become the next cause celeb. Justice Roberts allowed ObamaCare to fail on it own. Now we can take ACA’s failure as a warning of central-planning government.