‘What Starving Wages?’ America’s Fattest Union Members Protest Walmart Providing Jobs To Poor People

By popular request, here are all the photoshops I produced in a Twitter counter-protests against the fat union members who were using the ‘Black Friday’ anti-Walmart protest to try to spread the union virus that infects this country. I want to make clear that I am not making fun of fat people. I’m making fun of fat union members who pretend to be “starving” while they protest in their twinkie-stuffed XXXXXL pants. So there.

I had so many retweets, my photoshops were showing up at the official protest site! lol!

  • I would be nervous sitting next to them near lunch time. They might get hongry and et me!

  • AxelHose

    Are they demanding a $3 minimum wage?

  • thewlyno

    make sure you in FRONT of them in the buffet line

  • gitarfan

    They should be embarrassed!

  • Tortillapete


  • theophany

    While I’m all for mocking “wage slaves” who think companies owe them more than they’re worth, since it is now reasonably common knowledge that the gluttony/sloth view of obesity is horrendously wrong, and that a diet largely consisting of cheap, easily-digestible carbs is the quickest route to obesity, you might want to find another basis for ridiculing them.

  • Boricuafudd1

    Where else would these people go and work? Who else would pay them anything to do barely anything but man a register and bitch to customers?

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

  • Then again, he could be mocking the liberal fat police on a secondary level because they give a pass on fat mockery when overweight people do lefty street protests. How meta is supermexican? Let us have a symposium.

  • Press Watchusa

    I bet they changed and

    went inside for cheap SNACKS!

  • Teddy Edwards

    Obama thanks the strikers for doing what they could to take the spotlight off of his many failures. Still trying to figure out his biggest. Probably ObamaCare but torture renditions and allowing people to die in Benghazi is probably up there.

  • Teddy Edwards

    It’s a myth that chocolates, donuts, pizza and other carbs are cheap. Vegetables and salads are cheaper. You don’t find these people at a Farmer’s Market. Or a gym. Or the nearby playground. They sit on a sofa with MSNBC on.

    And if they were “easily-digested” it would not turn to fat.

  • Teddy Edwards

    Chelsea Manning would go sexually crazy among so many of them.

  • theophany

    It’s a myth that that’s a myth. 100g of donut has about 450 Cals. 100g of lettuce has about 15 Cals. To get the same Calories as 100g of donut (about 2) I’d need to eat over 6.5 lbs of lettuce. A head of lettuce averages about 1 lb and costs somewhere around 1.20, depending, so to equal two donuts (assuming I buy a dozen at about $6) I have to spend, at minimum, 6 times the amount. And this doesn’t even get me any protein which, fortunately, a donut does actually have.

    Furthermore, “easily-digested” means how quickly the digestive system breaks down the food into its basic components. For carbs, that means sugars. The more rapidly it is digested, the more insulin is released from the pancreas and (depending on the sugar) glycogen from the liver, which means more triglycerides in the fat cells. Coincidentally, this also means that “blood sugar”, for lack of a better phrase, is flushed between -30 (because insulin starts pumping the moment you even think about a carb-heavy meal) and 120 minutes after a meal, which makes the body think it’s time for another meal and/or a nap.

  • lhogan

    Wow, that is some pretentious name! Who would dare challenge your position!
    Fact is low wage earners do not have to spend their dollars on cheap easily digestible carb rich foods do they? Is that the only food they can afford? I don’t think so.
    It’s a choice, oh Great One.

  • gtwreck

    Have watched what public employee unions have done to California and Michigan Cities and the teachers unions have done to education. Unions are not a good thing anymore. They were needed once but like all good things we indulged the unions too much and they turned bad.

  • Bandit

    Y – it’s always someone elses fault – now back away from the donuts

  • halevi

    “I need a bigger flat screen TV to watch while I sit on the couch and eat my cookies!”

  • David Hill

    The cheapest foods tend to be highest in fat, carbohydrates, and salt.

    Look starving Ethiopians and tell how many six-packs you find.

  • Jim Jones

    lhogan can you live on 12k a year?

  • Jim Jones

    you want loyalty from people literally paid as little as the law allows?
    were i in that situation i would do as little as possible while i robbed the place blind. screw walmart.

  • Joe

    This is a parody site some liberal created Right? Somebody please tell me this is a parody site, and not somebody who actually thinks they are a conservative.

  • tomsans

    So because so many low wage workers eat extremely cheap highly unhealthy fattening foods, it makes it okay for Walmart and others to pay wages so low their employees need government subsidization? I think you may have miss named your blog, it probably should be the STOOPIDMEXICAN.

  • MrJest

    Um. These are jobs for high school kids making pocket money to go on dates. Or perhaps retirees supplementing retirement income. These jobs are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING WAGE CAREER JOBS. What about that don’t you understand??

  • Bill Marshall

    If wal mart raise them from 8 to 12 all it does is cost shift the burden from the upper middle class down to the lower middle class and working poor because they will come off welfare and live off of the increased prices at wal mart.
    The rich and upper middle class would be happy for you to subsidize these folks instead of them.
    good move exlax…

  • NYC

    Wow what an asshole you are Mexi

  • Yehudah ben Shlomo

    Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the cheapest food is loaded with carbohydrates and fat.

  • Paul Tomaszewski

    Whoops. Nothin’ like pointing out that the average Wal-Mart worker has to go with the cheapest, least-healthy, empty-calorie-laden foods available to eat as a method of mocking them making so little money now that, you- the nice taxpayer – get to pay for food stamps instead. It’s a nice pile of cash in public support per store per year, BTW- to make up for the fact that Wal-Mart really does pay most of it’s workers “starving wages”, the state has to help feed them instead. On the cheap. Let’s not even get started on the health care issues that follow- since the public will end up paying for those when they get wheeled into an emergency room, too (and looking like that, you know it’s a hospital bill or six waiting to happen).

    Do you, as a conservative -really- feel that a business should be able to help bloat government expenditures still further when they’re making billions in profits in the process and are one of the most successful companies in the world, simply by shoving the costs of basic human existence onto the state? That’s my tax dollars being spent to give Wal-Mart a labor force so cheap, they don’t even have to pay them enough to live for a 40-hour-a-week job. (Heck, and that would assume Wal-Mart actually had a majority of it’s workforce fulltiming it- by far, they’re part-timers. No health benefits provided that way, natch.)

    This is something that should be offensive to everyone. It’s fiscal abuse of America and the public via taking advantage of a system designed to support those who can’t work- and putting them into a situation where a raise can actually end up meaning LESS available as the bump shoves them past an income limit that takes more than they get back. You want to look at a comparative “big shop” system that practices corporate responsibility? CostCo.

  • Gary marshall

    Get in my belly…

  • Phil B.

    Well, you conservatives do tend to bitch about poor people buying “Steak and Lobster” whenever we try to buy decent food. so yeah. guess its Kraft Mac & Cheese again tonight.

  • Sman88

    Kind of an asshole aren’t you?
    Hopefully someone mocks you.

  • Teddy Edwards

    Thanks. Do we agree donuts cost more than vegetables, so people choosing donuts over them makes it less a matter of wages and more a matter of bad habits?

  • Pass the Flavor Aid.

  • Paul

    The best the anti-union crowd can come up with is OMG POOR PEOPLE who can’t afford the time to go to the gym or eat well ARE FAT? What are you, six years old?

    You know WALMEX tried paying its workers vouchers for store credit at one point, in violation of the Constitution of Mexico? Quite frankly, companies that behave badly, or unfairly, will get the union they deserve–which is not always the union they need.

  • Follow the doller

    Maybe if they didnt spend their money on cable tv, high speed internet, air conditioning, etc. they would have some for healthy foods.

  • Donald Aguilar

    I am the 2nd of 5 children and a 2nd generation American from Mexican grandparents. Pop made $5K a year in the 60’s. But, we all went to college and became professionals making up to 6 figures. It’s about choices. These fatty’s made bad choices. Change or live with it.

  • Boricuafudd1

    Of course you would rather have them sit at home and collect benefits. Walmart hires people that have little or no skill, or have other issues that prevent them from earning more. If they have more skills they would be working somewhere else.

    At the same time, it allows the company to continue to offer low prices which not only benefits them but everyone else. Higher wages do not, do not equal higher loyalty or service. If that was the case the highest paid service employees, remember the DMV, TSA, etc.

    The attitude you took is exactly why they can’t find a job that would pay the more! Ciao

  • lhogan

    Who even tries to live on $12K a year? What you mean is $12K/year + SNAP+ Section 8 housing + Medicaid+ WIC+ whatever other welfare/supplemental income they qualify for, right? Isn’t that what you mean Jim?

    Now, All I ask is a little honesty in these debates.

    We, The Citizens of the United States GIVE people w/ Low or even No Income Money, Healthcare, Food, Clothing and Shelter do we not? Honest answer please.

    Don’t try to portray me as some greedy rich bastard that doesn’t care either Phil. You know nothing about me or my charitable giving, or who I support, or my income. Address my question, don’t attack me.

  • lhogan

    Backwards Paul. Walmart simply operates their business in the environment We The Stupid People have created. Walmart did not enact Welfare programs, SNAP, WIC Section 8 or even The Minimum Wage, Our most recent stupid move is Obamacare. Now even Walmart doesn’t have to support health insurance for the low wage workers. Uncle Sam will subsidize that for them now as well.

    We The Stupid People did that. We the Stupid People elect politicians that enacted and now use this system to get reelected.

    Walmart simply deals with the laws we have supported.

    Cart before the Horse. We sold our economic liberty for a mess of pottage sir.

    BTW – Walmart primarily serves the low wage community by marketing every day items at a low price. That called value, not exploitation.

  • lhogan

    Question: What is Corporate Responsibility Paul? You talk like a Liberal posing as a conservative.

  • lhogan

    I wonder if your employer may start reconsidering your continued employment at this point Jim Jones.

  • lhogan

    And, Walmart is not unionized! I guess you’re right!

  • Patriot1212

    The SEIU and other unions are behind this. They only want to unionize these low IQ workers to line the union bank account and care less about the workers.
    Even if they get a pay increase most will go to the union.

  • Patriot1212

    These low IQ union types that rely upon the union to tell them how to vote and live.

  • JPeden

    snif…you heartless rednecks just don’t know what it’s like being so hungry that you get fat!