What Happened During Obama’s Call To Putin About Invading Ukraine


No really, that’s exactly how it happened. Don’t ask me how I know. My cousin Guillermo is a janitor at La Casa Blanca.


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    Good one ,Soop.

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    Lol wry good

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    Seeing this everywhere, with your logo cut off and no credits. I am doing my part to keep up with those who are reposting without crediting you. Awesome graphic, I love it!

  • Vladimr Budney

    the crimea was never ukrainian; in fact, ukraine was never ukrainian. ukraiina means “on the edge”; the edge of what? the edge of russia. your table has an edge, but you may not have a table edge without a table. likewise; there may be no edge of russia without russia. there may be no ukraiina without russia. ukraine was never ukrainian, ukraine has always been russian. – vlad

  • 0302/9953

    It doesn’t matter what the word “Ukraine” means, it is a sovereign nation that is being bullied and militarily invaded by a gang of thugs in Muscovy.