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Watch Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Dick Cheney on Iraq, ISIS, and Isolationism

The news media took the opportunity this Sunday morning to pit conservative against conservative on whether to intervene with the ISIS terrorist takeover of Iraq. Not surprisingly, Dick Cheney defended the invasion of Iraq during his tenure as Vice President, and knocked Rand Paul as an isolationist. Watch his comments in the video above.

Rand Paul hit back, making several good points about how interventionism in Syria led to the strengthening of ISIS, though some would argue that not enough intervention deserves more blame. He also points out that if Iraqis are not willing to defend their country against terrorists, it’s very tough to send Americans to do so. Watch his comments below:

Finally, Marco Rubio wades into the difficult subject, and seems to side with the Cheney view, when he said Rand Paul was exaggerating the claim we’d become “Iran’s Air Force” while downplaying the real terrorist threat to America. Here are his comments:

Meanwhile, Senator Barbara Boxer somehow agreed with both Barack Obama and Marco Rubio while blaming “neo-cons” like Cheney for creating ISIS, but no one expects any sense out of her anyway.


Here’s her insanity:

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